Temperature insanity

A good many weeks ago, I mentioned how my game apparently became a permanent ice age (never got over 10C) starting in the games summer. About 2 weeks ago, this flipped 180 to were I was roasting in constant 30C temperature while only wearing a trenchcoat and some socks. Last few experimentals, I’m back to having severe hypothermia in spring.

Now, I’m originally from New England, and perhaps I’m an exception, but I don’t remember the temperatures being so consistently extreme. Is this just something funny happening in my game or is anyone else?

Edit: Forgot to mention, I just started a new game in summer. Its -2C inside the shelter.

If you’re using the latest experimental, you shouldn’t be seeing below zero in summer.
Are you sure you hve the latest? =/

I got home at home at 3pm, eastern standard time, and downloaded the latest version because procrastinating on things ;).

But, yeah, my games have been perpetually cold and often dip into the negatives during spring and summer. if it helps, I set my season length to 20 days. I can’t compile the code to really know how you’re calculating the seasonal (or possibly daily) temperatures.

I just downloaded latest experimental to make sure we’re using exactly the same version and started a gae a sumr wit day seasons.
I waited for 24h and saw normal summer temperatures in a correct pattern, ranging from 30 to 40 celsius. Very hot summer.

I still catched a cold while in the shelter, but that’s an unrelated bug. XDDD

I’m not sure how the heat effects work, but below 40 it should only affect morale unless you’re loaded with clothes and backpacks.
(However, wearing a duffel bag and army jacet while it’s 40 outside is insane and should be punished with massive dehydration, so that’s a realism feature =P)

Daidalon - longer games had those sort of issues, I imagine you were in year 2? Did you start before the temp rework?

The long game weather bug should be irrelevant, the new weather system simply ignores the previous state of the weather, so it should just correct once when you start with the new version.

It was an entirely new character in an entirely new world.

If it helps, here are some pngs of my options, my character, and about 5 moves into a brand new game.

Scratch it, I just downloaded the latest version and my character is now properly baking in summer. Did someone sneak in a commit that wasn’t put on the log?

You may have just missed the version this was added in. I can’t think of any other reason. Let me know if you see anything out of the ordinary that is not a just a bad luck peak. Good luck, survivor. =3



This is with 30 days seasons, btw. Is this expected to have -4C in the summer?

Please, attach savefile. =3

well, i played a bit after that, but still seeing negatives. Here is the saves (ziped) http://we.tl/9R0QfVvU0D


ever negative spring and summer have returned after an update. Praise the ice gods so that it may grow warmer!

It makes sense I’m an ice god, because I’m melting in this summer heat.
The fix will have to wait for next week. I don’t have time at the moment. =P

Any news? I’m nearing winter in my game… gonna freeze to death :smiley:

Nope, I died of hypothermia in summer.

Just a heads up to all devs, the ice age is still going :confused:

[quote=“Efimero”]( on: July 27, 2014, 11:32:58 AM )
The fix will have to wait for next week. I don’t have time at the moment. =P[/quote]

And until then, you mind not doubleposting like that? We’re aware of the issue. :expressionless:

If anyone sees this, can someone point me to instructions on getting cata tiles to compile on Windows 8.1 on codeblocks/visual studios 2010 (I can also download 2012, but its huge and I need 2010 for classes).

I am not patient (you probably noticed), and between freezing in spring and roasting in autumn I’m getting rather annoyed to the point where I just spit roasted my character to remove the frostbite on every body part (it didn’t work). I doubt I could just jump in and completely fix the temperature system, but I could probably jury rig it to make the game at least tolerable (winter and summer are free to be hell, but you should’t be permanently scorching in summer… while naked, and you shouldn’t be freezing to death in winter while on fire and wearing an emergency blanket).

Shoes with a fix for the Freezing bodyparts. Merged. Try latest and report back plz.