Latest experimental too cold, freezing with warm clothes

Day 1, maybe day 2 I’m consistently finding my character excessively cold and literally getting injured by frostnip or even frostbite before I’m able to craft clothes to counter it.

Steps to reproduce:
Create a new computer hacker class character with the default shelter start
do your normal thing
get frostnip and usually frostbite no matter how quickly you get that wooden needle making clothes
It’s particularly bad on feet and head if you aren’t lucky enough to get an emergency jacket for the hood warmth.

This includes grabbing two sheets over yourself asap and any other readily craft able clothing

Previous experimentals did not exhibit this behavior I’m fairly sure 7296 windows x64 build was free from it.

That sounds like how it usually works. There might be a little RNG involved even. You just have to get lucky with some warm clothing or spend a lot of time indoors, but I had one run where I just froze to death trying to walk to the nearest town.

It helps if you cut the sheets to rags and make some hand wraps, a turban, etc.

I’ve played this game for years, but it’s strange that I’m really cold with two pairs of socks, stockings and boots that fit, it’s not RNG because it’s happening every life, different worlds.

It’s consistently much colder than yesterday’s experimentals.

My feet shouldn’t be wanting to fall off in spring with all of this on.

Odd, I don’t remember seeing anything in the changelogs about changing temperatures. Anything’s possible of course. Maybe there’s something odd going on.

This one modified weather.h but I don’t know if it’s a cause:

The winter has cometh.

Looks like the change to line 45 of weather_gen.cpp changed the formula it uses to calculate when “now” is.

I suspect weather_gen doesn’t actually want “now”, it seems to want some number indicating what season it’s in.

Had this after updating the last month of changes. I just assumed I was getting a taste of last winter or that cold got buffed. I wanted to report it but didn’t want to sound like a massive wimp lol

Glad to know it wasn’t normal, 2 blankets, emergency blanket and trench is just too much.

Previously that was now() + season_length / 2, but second part was omitted:


    const double now( double( t.turn_of_year() + to_turns<int>( calendar::season_length() ) / 2 ) /
                      to_turns<int>( calendar::year_length() ) ); // [0,1)


    const double now( time_past_new_year( t ) / calendar::year_length() ); // [0,1)

so is anyone gonna commit this fix that we’ve known is easily there yet or?

Yes, eventually someone will.

It’s fixed now: