Temperature and internal climate control

I downloaded and compiled from git.
The new temperature system is quite dramatic.

I got -300 ++ morale just for heat. I constantly got cold outside, failing to sleep and having minus 200 morale.

Lucy me, I found an internal climate control CBM.
Guess what? It doesn’t do anything.

Suggestions: Tone down temperature a bit? Standing besides a fire for a turn or two should not make you depressed.
Perhaps fix the internal climate control CBM


Been playing a while. Cold is so bad that I can’t sleep (overexhausted) cant read (morale) and barely gain exp.

Yea temperature has some issues for sure, there are some outright bugs and some places where it just needs some constants adjusted. We’re going to get it whipped into shape in short order.

Thanks for mentioning the CBM, had missed that one.

Would be nice if for example a sleeping bag could keep you warm to prevent you from waking up from cold.
I don’t know if beds protect you from cold while sleeping, but they probably should.

If you have blankets.

I’ve been a bit busy the last few days, but I’ve worked on some adjustments for the body temperature code. There were a few unfortunate oversights in what I pushed last ;p

I will also eventually work sleeping bags and blankets and cloaks and long underwear and things like that into the game ;p