I think there's something weird about the Internal Climate Control

Ya know, I been thinking about this for a long time, And I thought mabye, just mabye there was a little problem about the Internal Climate Control CBM, I mean, how could you keep your temp normally while you were naked, but not when you wear the clothes?

I just think this could be a glitches, because what’s the point when you have to keep your temp stay warm without a clothes? I try explore the cold lab, and I turn on this CBM, and I almost freeze my body, yet I can stay safe, if I remove my clothes and get inside naked, and I have no problem at all(at least on the first few level), also, Is looks like this CBM lower your temp even further while you wear the clothes? same thing dosn’t happen on the thermal electric outfit however, it work just fine to keep you warm.

so is there any problem about this CBM?

Are you saying this CBM is more effective at fighting off cold when you’re naked?

I’ve never experienced this before. Quite the opposite, in fact. Often, I need to bundle up to keep myself from being chilly on just a cold spring day.

This sounds like a glitch. Can you provide some screenshots, with ambient temperature, clothing, and body temperature (Can be found on character status screen, default @)?

Well, I once wear no boots but other clothes, and when I enter the cold lab, and all other body part are -13C temperature, only my feet temperature are 0 as normal with this CBM trun on, and with this CBM trun off, my clothes temperature has like -7C or something that less colder than CBM working.

There is definitely something weird going on.
Last night, playing an experimental from the 12th (I switched back due to the item damage display bug) I had a fire start to get out of control and spread across corpses and minor loot, towards some buildings I was planning to look into. I grabbed a large fire extinguisher from a firefighter zombie’s drop and rushed in to put it out. Despite having a climate control CBM (and a thermal dissipation I forgot to turn on for a few minutes) I wound up at “Scorching!” with pain and thirst, etc. I finished putting the fire out and staggered back to the cool interior of my waiting deathmobile, where I continued to suffer from “Scorching! (Falling!!)” for the next 45 minutes or so, which seemed weird.
The climate control CBM used to prevent such things, now it doesn’t seem to do anything.
(If nobody’s opened an issue, I’ll see about doing so later today.)