Potential Ice Age

I Began a Military Recruit character and began putting a considerable amount of time into a Garage, and every season it got colder. Right now Its -6 Degrees Celsius in Spring and -2 in Summer and i have probably spent six seasons in this “Ice Age”. Is this something I should be worried about because its becoming a pain int the ass as I have to Wear a sleeping bag 24/7.

invest in the winterized survivor suit, but yeah, sounds like a bug.

Know any decent Spawns for Kevlar Epuipment?

Also this may be another bug but after a couple of months I could walk around without the sleeping bag and it would be “comfortable” only I contracted frostbite in my sleep later.

Mate, if I were you, I would just wipe the whole game and redownload it altogether. It sounds like a bug to me, too.

That sounds like a feature.

This is the apocalypse. Not some namby pamby walk in the park. Make it an option to have eternal winter. Hell, make it an option to have it always be eternally like the Kalihara desert.

Temperature has been known to slowly sidetrack over time, a thing that is difficult to replicate since it most often only shows up in longer running games. It’s definitely a bug, just one we haven’t nailed down yet.