Tactical nuclear devices

Caveat, I’m only overhauling bomb fragments right now, so I’m effectively not changing the mininuke, which doesn’t create fragments.
If I were overhauling the mininuke power, far as I can tell it should make a many-level deep crater roughly the size of the active map, which makes it kind of useless since it doesn’t have the capability to detonate if it’s not on the active map…

Actually now that I look again, we could base the mininuke on the W48 instead, which “only” has a yield of 72 tons of TNT, wich is actually usable at in-game scales…

We can re-add the “satchel charge” nuke later, once we have a system capable of handling kiloton explosions.

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HOLD UP! The mininuke is supposed to be a kiloton explosive? If it is meant to destroy a house or something like that I imagine a kiloton is serious overkill.

There are/were a number of portable (barely) nuclear devices.
Best guess is the W54 described here. It weighs about 50lbs and has a variable yield from 10t to 1,000t TNT eqivalent.
I was also looking at the W48, at 100lbs and 74t yield.

It seems the W54 is more flexible than I was aware of, we can set it to have a 50t yield (which pretty reliably flattens a house) for now, and in the future it can even have a configurable yield.

In regards to nuclear devices and radiation in general, does radiation decay overtime? I entered a town littered with craters and granted my computer isn’t the best but it still dropped frames down to 15 FPS, most likely due to background calculations for radiation.

That was most like a necropolis, and the slowdown in those is due to large numbers of monsters combined with them bashing everything to pieces, I think.

Whatever gets added to the game, can we get a microwave ‘ding’ attached to it as well, like in a widely-known post nuclear role playing game?