Minireactor Self Destruct

So, I’m a new player, and I’ve begun tinkering with my deathmobile, a tank which I’ve extensively modified with among other things, a minireactor. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to make my vehicle self destruct in the (admittedly unlikely, barring the extraordinary) scenario I’m overrun while inside it. It would be nice if you could set a vehicle’s minireactor to overload and go nuclear after a set countdown. Not only could you use it as a self destruct, you could use salvaged atomic powered vehicles fitted with electronic controls as remote controlled nuclear car bombs.

IRL, of course, reactors cannot cause nuclear explosions. That’s just a note.

You could take a radio activation mod and attach it to a few pipe bombs, have that stashed away in your deathmobile, then when you’re ready to blow it up just activate the designated color on your RC control / Remote Controller CBM. Or get drive by wire controls installed in your vehicle and use the same method to take control, driving it around remotely while you jump out of the moving vehicle, then proceed to smash whatever is or was inside of it.

Of course not, I am aware nuclear fission doesn’t work that way. A fission explosion requires compression of a sphere of fissile material to a critical density, such as by precisely arranged high explosives (I also vaguely recall the first atomic bombs used a different configuration, something about a uranium bullet hitting plutonium, but it’s been a while). However, a nuclear reactor CAN violently melt down or otherwise fail and make a huge mess. And that is possible even when you aren’t actually TRYING to make them blow up. I figure deliberately tampering with or modifying one for that purpose could probably make a decent explosive yield possible, even if it’s more like a dirty bomb than an atomic blast.

oooh I definitely like that idea. Can you attach a remote activation mod to a mininuke? Also, I presume explosions will detonate any ordinance in the blast radius that happens to damage it sufficiently? If so, I’ll stash a remote detonated mininuke or two in my tank’s shot locker with the 120mm shells and my other explosives.

I was initially going to suggest attaching it to a mininuke, but don’t know for sure if it’s possible. I only had recipes for remote dynamite and pipe bomb

I believe mininukes trigger from explosions haven’t checked but most other explosives do. So if you set a bomb off on it’s tile then it should detonate so take three or four and then trigger them(might be able to do it with just one triggering explosive if you place them right).

Yeah you could just get a mininuke! I think that will do the trick!

Any good places mininukes spawn consistently? I once found forty of them in a room at the bottom of a lab, but that was on the stable version, and also the only time I’ve ever run across them.

I’ve only seen 2 in a lab once, they were both damaged and leaking radiation so I had to repair them before taking them with me.

Lab finales have them and military bunkers have a chance to spawn them. Also I believe the grenadier zombie has them even last I saw a mini nuke hack.

I found one of those MiniNuke lab finales last week on experimentals, so it is still posiible. I also sometimes just find random mninukes in random spots in labs, and not just in the finale.

Ok good, at least its possible to find them there still. I just finished plundering a 5 level lab last night, found plenty of other stuff, but no mininukes so I was wondering. At the bottom was a standing tank with 2-1/4 gallon jugs worth of Plant Mutagen though, but since I don’t want to turn into an Ent, I’m not sure what to do with it.