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I was thinking, why aren’t there any functioning National Guard bases or FEMA camps? With real soldiers manning the forts and civilians helping them or seeking refuge, maybe finding these working camps would be a Old Guard quest, as communication with camps would be a priority, also, you could catch a NG Broadcast thru a radio possibly revealing a location of a camp, maybe running or maybe infested. And there should be some more modern weapons, such as a M16A1 (Popular among US Military and NG) and other firearms. What do you guys think about these suggestions?

I’d hardly call the M16A1 modern, the thing’s been around for about fifty years, now.

But it is still used, I think the national guard would get Army hand me downs. So there should be a good amount still out there

You’d be more likely to find M4 carbines among guardsmen. M16s would be FBI guns AT MOST. Leadworks L523’s seem to be the 5.56 gun of choice in future, so maybe they could get more spawns.

I don’t think so, I still think M16’s should be added, it’s was a very common weapon, I’m sure military units and the guard use them in limited quantities. The Military still uses the Bell UH-1 Iroquois in limited quantity as well, so there should be some M16’s around

to add onto the suggestions why not add a random event where you hear “a distant helicopter” or " a helicopter flies low overhead". This then leads up to a Old Guard quest, example of a dialogue
Rep: People have reported hearing helicopters in the area, we think it may be from a functioning FEMA or National Guard base, would you check it out for us? Then the player would go explore FEMA and National Guard camps to find the operational ones.

M16A1 still has major use in civilian police agencies, but the US military moved on to the M4A1 back in the 90s. It’s what I trained with, and most of the combat vets I’m friends with were issued M4’s or MK14s, not M16s.

The only National Guard units that are still issued old M16s aren’t combat units, they’re transportation, engineering and other related disciplines. They get the old surplus munitions to use domestically, because it’s not expected they’ll actually need to use them. NG Units deployed overseas at the start of the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan were issued M4s and other modern rifles.

Edit: The AR-15, which was based on the M16 IS in game, and fills the same role. The actual stats used for the AR-15 match both the military version of the weapon and the M16A2

Edit2: This is more or less correct on current military loadouts for the US

Isn’t DDA set several decades in the future, with the US in an arms race against China? I think most weapons that are in service today would be replaced by fictional ones at the start of the cataclysm, especially ones that are on the way out today.

The AR-15 is like the M16 but, one major difference, its only sold semi automatic, the M16 is fully automatic, and in game, is the Cataclysm not big enough for every National Guard unit to be mobilized no matter if it is a combat unit? I’m sure the government mobilized all units when they realized the scale of the situation. Therefor you would find some M16’s scattered on corpses or at checkpoints, Last time I checked Police units also had the M16 in the trunks of their patrol cars for major situations.

It seems not, as Milspec Turrets still wield M4’s, and the military still uses M9 handguns.

I’m aware of this, but I think it should be changed.

I don’t think so, I like it the way it is, enough with this Sci-Fi weirdness I say

On the civilian market? Yes. But Armalite makes a fully automatic version for military and police usage.

Isn’t that just a M16?

No, it’s still an AR-15. M16 had some changes made to it as per specifications the military required. The original M16 was a piece of shit and was frequently abandoned in favor of seized AK-47s during Korea and Vietnam. The M16A1 addressed some of the issues, but it wasn’t until the M16A2 that it really shined with what the military wanted.

It’s not at all weird to expect the military to use newer weapons in the future. Brief research reveals that the US Army has already announced a replacement for the M9 pistol.

Yes, A SIG Sauer pistol, not that modern

Actually already being replaced service wide. And yeah, it’s a current production model SIG Sauer. If you want to look at military innovations look at battle rifles and carbines or Special Weapon Systems, like the Phalanx CIWS or the Samsung SGR-A1.

I am not suggesting that the military guns in the game should be particularly innovative or unconventional, but only newer than present day, and fictional as a consequence.

It is not, it’s “present day with isolated super science”.

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