[SPOILERS] Your Base


that’s a bug in the base game, I don’t think there’s anything I can do about it.
Anyway I compiled last night’s update, this time with the optimizations I did last time.


I’ve been using the build linked by dissociativity. I couldn’t manage to make it play nicely with the launcher so I did a fresh install and am playing with all vanilla stuff and it works great so far. My one complaint is finding piles of straw is a huge pain. Could maybe a few alternatives be added?

In either case what’s the ETA on mainlining this? Because my goodness is has base building been a blast.


Glad to hear everything is working so far. I’ll see about an alternative to straw, I know once you have wheat seeds you get piles but it might make sense to make straw a common foraging product. Maybe if it takes 8 straw to make a straw bed you could use 16 withered plants to do the same?

Mainlining isn’t something I have final control over. As soon as I sort out one last bug (vehicles aren’t removed completely from the game by the chop shop mission simply vanished, apparently) then I’ll mark it as done on github. From there I’m sure at least one of the professional programmers will need to take a final close look (its probably 4k lines of actual code?) to make sure there is nothing nasty going on. I wouldn’t expect it to be mainlined for at least a week but 2 weeks is more realistic since a laundry list of changes and bugs will probably come up. The more people we have bug testing, the better off we’ll be though!


That makes sense.

I started a new base as a farmer so I can get that sweet straw production. This time right next to a swamp. The three tiles to the north are all swamp but the game warns me that there’s no swamps nearby, despite it being nearly half of the tiles adjacent to the camp. That’s my only “bug” so far.


Ah, I thought I got all of those references… it’s called “swamp” by everyone and uses that id for start locations and such but the actual terrain is “forest_water”. I’ll update tomorrow.


Had another thought on the straw issue. Straw beds are allowed to be made from pine boughs as well, which is easier than finding just straight straw in the wilderness. Only other issue so far is the known bug of the player having the custom NPC recipes.

EDIT: I occasionally get messages about not having a companion to retrieve when bringing them back from an upgrade or some such. Only happens at night though.


Pine boughs sounded good so I went ahead and added them as an alternative to straw (although you need a few more). Custom NPC recipes should now be concealed. NPC start a camp option dropped below goodbye for anyone who was used to the old hotkeys.

I occasionally get messages about not having a companion to retrieve when bringing them back from an upgrade or some such. Only happens at night though.

Very interesting, I haven’t encountered this before… only happens at night? Let me know if you can duplicate it. I guess there could be a sight check somewhere that isn’t finding NPCs in range (NPCs aren’t actually “gone” when on mission they still have their old position they just aren’t loaded on the map). I have seen the time_duration get rounded up so for crafting times less than a min, it’ll say [DONE] but it really has 10 seconds left.


I think it might indeed be a “sight” check then. Because sometimes when I’m standing outside of the tent it works fine. I think it happening at night was a coincidence of me being inside with the door closed as opposed to outside in the light talking to the NPC. I’ll double check when I get the chance to play again.


Ah, I just tried it. You do need to see the companion to send them ON a mission since you are kinda holding a 3-way conversation if that is what you were experiencing. Having trouble bringing them back would be a bug though.


I am having trouble getting my companion to go on woodcutting missions. Every time I try it says I must be able to see the target I select. I feel like I made it work yesterday but now I can’t seem to make it work now.


Since there’s been a bunch of posts, new build compiled.
Consider this the last one before this gets into the mainline builds.

this is now in the main game, download removed because there’s no need for it!


How do I install it? Or use it


Thanks Diss. I’ll be sure to update mine and see how it goes. I probably won’t have the chance to play much over the next couple of days though unfortunately


it’s a separate copy of the game with the changes in it, play it like you would a normal version lol.


Grab the latest build and give it a try, in!


Yeeeesssssss! I’m so excited to use my main character for this now.


Added the blacksmith shop expansion. Crucial for providing metal crafting materials but also lets you deck your soldiers out with heavy weapons and armor if you keep upgrading it. Makes good use of the metal from the chop shop.

If you’ve got any suggestions for future expansions let me hear them. I’ll probably re-open the poll for the next expansion after people get to play a little and see what they really want.


I’m not actually aware of what it’s possible to build so some of these might be redundant but:
Gun smith
Training ground/Gun range
Animal kennel (tame a few dogs and start breeding them, let them act as companions on missions)
Library (perhaps provides a minor daily increase to NPC’s skills?)


I know i far too late and the poll was already done, but…
Would it be better to implement all base options and let game randomly (or not) pick one of them? This will bring some diversity to bases.

Ofcourse how hard this is to implement should be considered.

If you’ve got any suggestions for future expansions let me hear them.

Solar-powered workshop, gunsmith workshop, chemical laboratory.


If you’ve got any suggestions for future expansions let me hear them.

not necessarily expansions but just some possible suggestions:

Would it be possible to choose a preconstructed initial base instead of the tent variation?
For example. You say you want to start a base, the manager then gives you a selection of pre-made starting bases. I’d prefer having this type of base



as it feels like you’re commanding from a fortified C&C center rather than from a boy scout camping trip

Also Would it be possible to remove the “+” on the overmap when removing the manager, I really don’t get why it’s an “WE’RE ABANDONING THIS CAMP” forced situation when all you might be doing is simply switching managers. If you think it could be gaming, just set some limitations on when you can and can’t remove and add a manager