Faction Camps, A guide ( Hopefully )

Faction camps seem great, but im lost as to how they work. Cant find a guide anywhere, so hoping you more savvy folks could assist myself and every other confused lad.

First off, what the heck limits where I can or cannot make camp?
Can I make camp in pre-existing buildings?
If not, is there any function for me to designate stuff so I can emulate a faction base within a pre-existing structure?

Erk currently has a pull request for turning the first layout of the evac shelter into a faction camp, otherwise you’re going to need a 3x3 zone of fields to start a camp. Be aware you need a lot of tents/shelter kits just to get started.

To my knowledge there’s no way to emulate a faction base with a command function.

I guess my happy band of slave fighters will have to wait to colonize the sweet motel I found. Shame.
Back to Todd, the basic office worker.

I got two videos showing off how they worked when introduced. Things have changed (using abulliten board instead of a dedicated NPC), but it is mostly the same.

Part 1
Part 2

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Yo it’s orange1 what’s up, too bad you aren’t playing cata too much…

Unless I missed something


I’m waiting for hunger stuff to get worked out. Gonna do a lets play as a crazy demolitions expert soonish. I was hoping to wait until E gets released, but it sounds like things are much more stable now form the weekly update on reddit. Probably gonna finish off hte COQ lets play first.

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Used a bulletin board in an area with 8 open field tiles but the bulletin board says it needs to be built in a camp.

Did you construct a bulletin board?
Thats not the way to make a camp.
THe way is to talk to an NPC in the open field. Talk to them about faction camps, and ask to start one, they will build the bulletin board for you.


Okay i’ve hit two roadblocks,

first i’ve surveyed 6 extensions and yet when i open the bulletin board i can seem to access and of the [N] [NE] etc, tabs

the other i’ve built all six tents fully built the dining house and built a log wall with gates, is this the current end of construction? because the faction menu (#) mentions something about making a console for the radio tower.

Someone else has posted a bug regarding being unable to access the expansions, I will look into that today at some point.