Faction Building

Hi, I’ve currently been writing some NPCs and missions in my spare time, My idea for for a faction and the theme a lot of the characters i have written is generally people who lived outside of or on the margins of the mainstream society before the cataclaysm, so that would mean your ‘back to nature’ primitive types living inawoods for years before it became a necessity. The anarchists and radicals. the Squatters. The hobos and travellers, the kids with backpacks, face tattoos and stories of traveling the rails. The ones that lived in cabins in the woods, hoarding guns and explosives materials. In short many that were critical of society and civilization before it’s fall.

The interesting being in exploring these themes and ideas post-civiliziation and how they change, as well as introducing a group in which some might even be happy that it’s all ended and may try to sabotage any efforts at rebuilding the United States that could end in anti-Old Guard missions or may be convinced that technology has gotten us into this mess and seek to attack the autofac faction.

I just thought i’d throw this up here to hopefully find some feedback and further ideas. A big thing i’m undecided about at the moment is the building they will use, what limits me is that i do not want to use any buildings deep within the city. Would love some feedback, Thanks guys. :slight_smile:


There are dozens of buildings that will not spawn within cities, such as Desolate Barns, Mines, and Roadstops.