[Spoilers] We are the Mycus. Join us

Ahem, excuse me while I put on my fungi pants and acquire spoilers.

Details about joining the Mycus:

We are the Mycus. We must grow. There are some that shall prove valuable as guides. But to do this, the guide must be guided in turn. Do not fear that which is unknown. We shall make our true nature clear, so that we may grow.

Joining us requires seeking all three parts of the foundation. The berry, the seed, and the sap. This in turn will require seeking out all of the forms we take, or at least two of them.

The Fruit, and The Bloom:

The simplest of steps is the one most familiar. The fruit, the Marloss. Before we were made whole, this was the only piece of the foundation that was known. Without the full foundation, the fruit was used solely for pleasure, for what has been called “morale” instead of using it for its true purpose. This hedonism must be cast aside.

Now that we are made whole, the fruit shall provide a yearning, a motivation to join us, and be made.

The Seed, and The Blossom:

The Blossom holds the second piece of the foundation. The seed grows within the flowers that flourish among our blossoms. These seeds may be planted so that we may grow, but to consume it is to grow with us.

The Blossom also holds the Marloss trees. If the fruit has not been partaken of, they may be found here. If the fruit has already been partaken of, do not be led astray by the Marloss tree. The final piece of the foundation lies elsewhere.

The Sap, and The Tower:

The final piece of the foundation lies within the tower. The spire does not accept the unworthy. It beckons only to those who have partaken of the fruit and the seed. The worthy must approach us respectfully, and submit to us when our offer is presented. To accept is to receive the sap.

If the tower is destroyed, the sap may remain to be used as foundation. If it serves the Mycus and facilitates our growth, this is an acceptable alternative to submission, if the fruit or seed have yet to be claimed.

We Are The Mycus:

With all three pieces of the foundation, we will afford our local guide time to mature, and grow the fruit that must be consumed to join us in full. From the cradle they shall emerge, to find the Mycus fruit growing among them. Consume this, and we will be as one, to bring unity to this world.

Well, that was derpy.

tl;dr version:

  • Find and eat a marloss berry, from a marloss bush or marloss tree.
  • Find and eat a marloss seed, from a marloss flower.
  • Approach a fungal tower after eating a berry and a seed, then select “yes” when prompted whether to allow it to use its sap-giving attack.
  • Alternatively, kill the fungal tower and hope it drops gel.
  • After combining all 3 marloss effects, pick the mycus plant that appears underneath you.
  • Eat the myus fruit.

This is very nicely done; it’s a good guide and it reads just like the fungus’ messages.

Great job on this one!

I’m surprised I managed to get through that without slipping up and using pronouns the fungus avoid using. XP

Now that you had made those DX references in the other thread I cannot help but read it in Helios’s voice.


For me it switches between Lady Deidre Skye, Voice of Planet and the Many.
But those are actually fungi related so maybe that’s cheating, or maybe the Many isn’t but yeah.


I would sign up for mycus if their mutations didn’t suck as much as they do. If I remember correctly one of them severely gimped my speed.

This is a special place, filled with Juffo-Wup.

KA101 would be proud!

Me, i permanently hate their guts. Its kill them in righteous fire until dead.

[quote=“jcd, post:9, topic:9952”]KA101 would be proud!

Me, i permanently hate their guts. Its kill them in righteous fire until dead.[/quote]

So you love killing them.
You like them beeing ingame.
You like the mycus.
Join now.

Maximum Juffo-Wup.

I didn’t know the Mycus could be bees.

The mycus can bee not be bees.

[quote=“Random_dragon, post:11, topic:9952”]Maximum Juffo-Wup.

I didn’t know the Mycus could be bees.[/quote]

The Mycus killed the Bees. Beeluminati confirmed. I need to figure out how to make a special ammo type that’s especially deadly against them. Maybe the ability to coat rounds in fungicide.

I feel like breaking this up into scraps and adding them as random survivor notes would be nice :slight_smile:

Ooh, that would be interesting. owo

Would be neat. The notes I’ve seen so far have been notoriously absurd (‘took a nice photo of a soldier getting jumped by a fucking undead dog’ — goddamn smartphone generation photographing everything) , sometimes amusing. A few were perhaps scary but I don’t remember those.

good guide

Just as we were hoping the human would say. owo

No, bad fungal dragon! This is why we have a chemical thrower with sprayable fungicide now.

And it is also why we have the No Fungal Monsters mod. <3