Point playing with Mycus or Marlos?

I didnt managed to play all mutatuions build, but from the wiki they are explained very well. I wanted to try now the funguys way and since 3 days I cant figure out how to play them. I cheated my way in so I could see what may awaits at the end but I could only spawn a dizzy could which can grow up these walkings shroms. With Marlos you gonna eat these 3 different fruits, seed and etc to spread the could. Thats it ? Or did I missed something ? Wiki says I can spawn some netherworld Marloss.
And why they are different by name ? They both fungus and they fighting against each other ?

Im so confused right now.
Hope you guys could help me out with this.

Spoiler heavy

You need to get Marloss berries, seeds and sap. Berries found in bushes, seeds in marloss flowers and the sap from mycus towers. You need to eat each until you get the appropriate mutations (check with [ key). Sap mutation can also be gained by getting hit by the tower after getting the mutations from berries and seeds.

After all that, you fall asleep and a bush spawns under you. Search and eat the mycus fruit. Congrats, you now a mycus.

To continue evolving (and survive), search mycus trees and bushes for mycus fruits. Should mutate you once in awhile when eating.

Well, I did already (by cheating) What is the final form of this build ? What can I do and how when I reached the last evolving status ? Wiki dont tell me it, only what the evolving status are.

What I got from the somewhat cryptic mycus descriptions:

Can create spores and expand mycus (also damages non-mycus).
Won’t get attacked by mycus.
Can’t get infected by fungus, thus no need for anti-fungal medicine.
Can freely walk on fungus.
Gain protection from physical and fire damage.
Can sleep on mycus floors without any problems.


Can only eat mycus fruits.
Conflicts with certain mutation trees and can’t go through thresholds.
Probably will get attacked by NPCs.

Yeah, nothing too unique. Pretty much turn everything into mushrooms. Would be cool if there was a possibility to turn others into mycus and thus create a settlement out of mycus.

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You forget the disgusting amount of lag that come from you making too many fungaloids.

To my knowledge, Mycus and Marloss is a matter of how much you embrace the Fruit.

Marloss is the precursor to Mycus, so in of itself it isn’t that much of a change. Oddly enough, some of the best ways to get Marlos is to destroy Fungal Towers/Spires, since there is a high drop chance of something. Then its largely a gamble what will happen upon consumption, but it seems like the more categories you fall into, the less likely you are to get a Marloss mutation. Be careful, since you can get a rejection which can kill you outright. Though upon joining the Mycus, you (we?) lose all non-Mycus mutations.

Potentially, if it removes those mutations that are non-purifiable as well, it might be a good last ditch effort to save a character from mutation-related death.

The wiki is inconsistent, though. One article says Marloss traits can be purified, while another says they are non-purifiable.