How do I become Mycus?

I know where to find the seed and berry and the gel. But for some reason friendly fungal things surround every fungal tower I find, so I cant submit to its attack.

You have to weather the attacks from the bushes but if you got the berries-seeds-gel then you get the gate way event which knocks you out and put a Mycus bush with fruit under you pick this to get Mycus Fruit then eat this to get the transcendence event eat more after to mutate(note that it is a low chance and also transcendence clears your genome any other mutations with go away and you will not be able to drink mutatgenic items so the trait genetic chaos/instability from the experiment/lab start is recommended). After you get the gate way event do note all nearby Mycus enemies will become friendly but you can still get the infestation from spores and spore clouds so stay with your safety gear till you get Mycus Identity or they will still ruin your day. Also something to note Mycus zombies and variants will still occasionally become hostile if you don’t have Mycus identity (they also attack fungaloids and other fungal entities and even with Mycus ID they will still target you(they can’t hurt you though). Also some modded fungal enemies aren’t effected by transcendence and Mycus identity one I recall is the fungal tender which I believe is from PK balancing.


Ok, just another question: I know you can get seeds from fungal flowers on the map but is there anywhere else you can get them?

Depends if you are post ascension and have a spore cloud mutation you can get the small flowers if you do it in a forest. I WARN YOU NOW DO THIS WITH CAUTION IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A GOOD COMPUTER IT WILL QUICKLY BOG YOUR COMPUTER DOWN TO THE POINT WHERE THE GAME CRASHES. I say this because those small flowers will rapidly breed and make more which will consume all the forest tiles. Also fungal trees made by the spore cloud (spore field effect) will have a chance to have both fruit and seeds. Note this doesn’t work with the standard spores (spore entities). Also just a note end tier mycus mutations are a HUGE lag machine I have used it before and if you get the right mutations you can easily crash the game with fungaloids

Also I think they have a chance to spawn elsewhere.

You mean the regular fungal blossoms? I’ve been killing them but they don’t drop seeds, and there are no flowers.

There’s a chance that when one can generate it generates the seed carrying one instead of a spore producing one. Been awhile since I played with Mycus and have forgotten alot of the names but not how they work. It’s low but if you ever can walk through and infested forest you’ll find some of the seed bearing flowers and some of the trees will have fruit. Do note this only happens when the spore field effect converts them standard spores will just make fungaloids which if you have crazy cataclysm can feed a hungry post ascension PC (sporeos).