Shinai & Bokken

There are enough anime nerds out there that I think you could find more then a few of these laying around in New England. Not super common but still… I know at least one of my high school buddies has one of these. :stuck_out_tongue:
Bokken: Solid wood katana shaped blade used in training.

Shinai: Flexible bamboo blade used in training matches.

two by sword?

Weapons you could find. They’d be cutting skill weapons that do blunt damage.

“Used to train your cutting and bashing skills to lvl. 1”, you mean?

A bokken is quite capable of breaking bones, etc. It’s a credible weapon. (I’ve held one: solid and has some mass.) Bashing version of a katana.

Shinai was/were designed to to be safer than the bokken. It’d be the “training weapon”.

Shinai is also very noisy by design, and would do minimal damage. I can’t imagine anyone using one outside of as a challenge.
Similarly to the Quarterstaff, a Bokken would be a blunt weapon with significantly higher damage than say a heavy stick due to the design refinements.
I’m afraid we don’t have a way to have either of them use the cutting skill, they’d be melee and bashing OR unarmed(sword styles).

That reminds me, we’re starting to warp what “unarmed” means, I’m not sure I like the direction it’s going.

Bokken deshou deshou? runs away laughing

Agreed. Unarmed =/= uses a martial style. Technique-based combat shouldn’t necessarily be exclusive to unarmed attacks (re: sword styles), just the same as unarmed styles shouldn’t necessarily imply forgoing weaponry (re: brass knuckles), but neither is a reason to make ‘martial arts’ weapons use the unarmed skill (excepting weapons that functionally use the same motions as unarmed attacks, like the aforementioned brass knuckles, or perhaps a katar). Personally, I’d favor a system in which each style that exists has a number of associated weapons, that can be used in conjunction with the style’s techniques.