The way of the sword...into a zombie skull & NPC/Zombie line of sight

So…yeah kendo, that’s it, a new adittion to the melee weapons training perk, kendo is defined as the use of the sword as an extension of ones body and so on like 90% sword using anime characters say, but what’s more to it its to turn the already usefull katana into an even deadlier instrument of…death.

And most zombie related game place this weapon in the top tiers, the one-hit-kill device in some cases, but picking up a katana and swinging the sharp side around as if you had ants in your armpits its not as effective as you may think, katanas are rather heavy, so are bokkens (the wodden practice swords) so knowing how to actually perform the steps could make the katana and/or any blade that reassembles it, in fact quite deadly, so the kendo could be extended to many other weapons like the eskrima and sillat, but I suposse that’s up for debate.

Kendo training its based off training ones mind and then the body, just like Bruce Lee (and he did lit matches off with the tip of his nunchuks) so I suppose its damage would be based off the respective character intelligence.

And yeah line of sight of characters and zeds, the implement of such feat could help one to sneak into places without drawing hordes to your location which is what always happens when a zed is even out of the range of sight in the screen, also give some use to items like the pneumatic weapons and silenced guns, and such.

Again, I have no idea if this has or not been discussed, so forgive me if so,

Forum search might have turned up that this has been discussed, and that I’m on record as supporting kenjutsu for weapons-training. Kendo is a sport form and sport forms may win duels, but tend to lose the fight.

Maybe I should have fixed my term, yes kenjutsu that preciseley, but again kendo is a semi full contact sport IF you want to spar with someone, personally if I were to practice kendo, and find myself in a situation in which my limbs would gain their own separate address, I would certainly not hold back, its just like boxing, the reason why boxers live is because they are in a competition, and there is also a referee in the stand, they dont go “hey i have to kill this guy” but rather “hey i have to defeat this guy” furthermore people have died within the sport, only proving a boxer can kill a man as much as a kendo master if they intend to. but yeah like I mentioned I’m not a forums kinda guy so the investigation flew over my head. Sorry.