Bokken seems a bit -too- good

I know the rule of cool tends to mean eastern style weapons err on the side of ‘better than they should be’ in cata, but the recently added bokken hits a tad too hard. It’s currently just as good as an iron-shod quarterstaff (A longer, heavier weapon with metal as a striking surface) and out damages the halligan bar. That just seems like a small oversight to me, but I could be wrong.

It was even better when it first got in. It had just 1 dmg less than the sledge hammer.

Though in this case it’s more that iron-shod quarterstaff and halligan bar are weak - bashing weapons in general are quite bad. Or more like, piercing and cutting weapons are too good and bokken is balanced against power creep monstrosities like katana or combat knife.

The katana and combat knife have been around since Whales. I’m hard-pressed to know how two of the oldest weapons in the game represent power creep.

(Bokken is based on the katana because it’s a solid hardwood katana.)

My mistake - I got “mental windup” after talking about the new tailor’s kit (which actually does cause power creep at the moment because of no downsides).
I meant: “easily available weapons with great stats”. Power creep made them more powerful, though not directly.

(Bokken is based on the katana because it's a solid hardwood katana.)

Oh believe you me, I know how strong hardwood can be, you can actually bust bricks with a thick handle of hickory! Still, a bokken shouldn’t hit harder than heavier slabs of iron/steel designed to actually break things, right? They’re practice swords (Deadly in skilled hands sure, but not nearly as much as a real weapon)

That’s just my opinion though–if everyone else is happy with it who am I to disagree?

I believe the Bokken should have a high to-hit bonus and excel at being a very fast weapon, but I’m with Logrin on reducing its damage output.

…This having as much bash damage than a powerful quarterstaff tipped with heavy iron? …It just doesn’t seem to make any sense. However, to compensate for a damage nerf, the moves per attack could be buffed to still give it an effective DPS.

It is weighted, supposedly, so it weighs just as much as a katana.
Moves per attack are calculated automatically from weapon weight and volume.

And as for quarterstaves, blame them being nerfed from the 30 damage for the ironshod one to 25, and from 25 to 20 for plain wood one.

Speaking of nerfs. A part of it will never get in, but: how about adding a toothpick “weapon” in with negative damage and handling and automatically transforming any weapon people above complained about into it?