The Mighty Bokken and its stats

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would it by any chance be possible that sending loads of zombies into the post-early grave with my trusty mass produced bokken raises the wrong skill now?

The bokken’s highest damage is Bash, as you would expect from a piece of wood, yet, by some weird twist of fate, fighting and winning decisively with it seems to improve my Cutting weapons skill instead. Is this on purpose? Because if it is, it is very very cool and in line with how a bokken is supposed to work and be used.

Just asking.

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Bokkens have a tiny amount of cut damage, so they can raise your cutting skill.

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As one would expect, they had 25(b)-1© last time I checked, even though I find it hard to believe you could even cut butter with a bokken. But with a starting character boasting a 0 in cutting weapons and 0 in bashing, I levelled up much faster in Cutting than in Bashing while only using this one starting bokken (before croaking with zero fame or fortune, of course).

If this is just my oversight, which it probably is, methinks it should be made into a feature, as in 'a training weapon of X" raises the skill you are supposed to be using with a real X, e.g. cutting for bokken, cutting for 2-by-sword (which I always imagined as a kinda sorta LARP sword - pretty useless for bashing folks in the head, but wonderful as a practice sword), absolutely no bash at all for epee / sabre / foil, as the butter parallel applies to them as well… tangent, am I on one?)

Thanks for your time @mlangsdorf, I appreciate it very much.

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