Secronom Zombies' Mod Thread

Yeah, they do. A year is enough to see some differences :slight_smile:

Well, I’m working on the secronom lab. It’s WIP and is impassable without the use of jackhammer.

Secro zombies would need difficulty fixes, especially the newly implemented ones. Just tell me what could go wrong in your world :wink:

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Wait, do you know how to mod phone? Thats where I put all of my hours on, and I definitely don’t want to be messing with files on my phone, especially since there’s a big difference with files between phone and Pc (Im on like the Feb. 19 version right now of Android)
Also does updating the .apk delete old saves? or can I transfer them?

Get the app called ES File Explorer. Download a mod from google chrome. Mods from github you have to go to the desktop version at the bottom of the site. Then after you download it go to downloads and tap the file and open in es file explorer. After that, hold it and tap extract. Choose path and do Android>data>com.cleverraven.cataclysmdda>files>data>mods and it should appear.

Updating the apk doesn’t interfere with save data.

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Thanks again, SomeDeadGuy. I thought your sprites already has shadows in-game, then I realized it doesn’t :slightly_frowning_face:
I manually placed the shadow background on each monster tile, just to compress the size of the mod :slight_smile:

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Now you need to do another thing, my friendo :slight_smile:
Corpses for monsters. Or wait before i make them, but i just started to work on PK’s corpses, and there is also arcana and ++ in the waiting line.


I’m okay to wait for it, since I am too busy working for other essential contents with the mod :+1:

Man thnx for the reply! Appreciate it. Till then i will try to keep experimenting with your mod

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I’m glad to help ppl :wink:

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another mod to add on my list of world mods…

right now im looking for combination of mods that increase difficulty + loots while also adding more items and weapons variety into the game. im a kind of person who loves to explore, loot, and kill enemies and take a break.

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I used to be that guy, a guy that explores new stuff to make myself entertained :slight_smile:

yeah :smile: the reason is simple. i have this one character that i consistently used in every session that is fully maxed on all stat and skills. and thus cause the game to be easy… set evolution factor to 5.00 and the game start to get challenging and maybe with this mod + PkRebalance and Cata++…

will be enough to get my gameplay spicier.

Well… Good luck on that plan :smile:

I might implement this feature in here, but not as what I expect it to be :confused:

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Mods completely broken now with the removal of LUA.

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I know right? Well, when that happens, I’d revert this good’ol mod back to plain json :slight_smile:

As of the latest build, it seems like LUA support has been dropped.

Oh… Too bad I’m playing in 0.C :smiley: (didn’t notice it at all)
LUA still functions in outdated versions… I guess.

Completely removed the LUA dependent stuff in the mod. Now it will prevent further errors in the latest builds.


What tileset are you using? None of the ones I have are giving me sprites :frowning:

You must use this tileset for them to work :wink: