"There is hope" mod+tileset



Hey, as im extremely newbie to github, i wanted to share the progress of the mod to all of you.

This was only a little item tweak, adding some armors, but ideas came and things blown up with people feedback, so ill try to make something better, and with a lot more of content, backed with a graphical improve of the game with a tileset.

The original reddit post is:

You can click there to see the imgur where im posting images, being a default user here dont let post my own :frowning:

Im open to new ideas!

General and visual content

  • Fusion energy - Water based, intended for late game and maybe underground base building (i know, this is a survival game, but why not expand it after that?)
  • More visual mutations , specially with thresholds (image is sort of a wip)
  • 3 (or more) new mutation lines
  • Childs, with gender/skin/hair variants
  • Gender variant version of monsters (actually done with zombies, with good results)
  • Visual revamp of MXOTTO+ tileset, less cartoonish (LONG LONG wip)


- 3 differents laboratory-vaults

Bio-Vault (the place where scientist had gone for making a cure for blob, actually is a flourishing hidden community… or not)
Xeno-vault , where military prepares for a dimensional takeover
Tech-vault , the B plan if everything go even more wrong

- Military experimental facility

Tons of zombots, tons of bots, and great loot!

- Junktowns and some survival bases

Surrounded by scrapped vehicles, mini bastions for people who want to keep safe from zombies. Merchants, raiders, etc, and little handmade towns or reconquered towns where people try to thrive

- E.D.E.N

A newly build hidden city supposed to be the perfect place for survival of the specie. Commanded by a IA, its totally safe and full of resources. But how, why?

- Lairs

Within every new structure, im planning some balancing difficutly so you can enter in a risky early game, careful mid game or more challenging late game for underground levels. For example, imagine the actual necropolis, the makeup city can be early-game rushed… and the rest later.
Also maybe some underground caves with… special content


- Coral

The next step on inhuman infection, handmade by humans. The best and worst of fungus, triffids and goo in just the same vessel, and a powerful weapon to wipe out all xeno life in the world.

- Zombot

Zombies are a problem? Put an arnes on one, chop his arms down, install weapons. Profit, until they start shooting back. Military logic.

- Some rebeld robots bois

Nothing worst than a rogue IA saying : “EXTERMINATE

"- Otherworldy creatures

For now, only planned


- Advanced Power armor

4 different types of power armor, prepared for different omens and challenges. Late game content.
(4th will be biological)

- "Modular" Power armor

Primaly found in military experimental facilities, you can re-configure it for your pleasure and needs, from a rolling killing machine with 4 lasers to a drilling suit for making the perfect underground base.

- New weapons

Plasma, laser, gauss, cryo-launcher, chem-launcher, etc

- Extremutagen serums

Instant threshold consummable. Risky.

- Build´a´companion

Planned android companion, buildable. But will be tricky to program

- Vehicle parts

Planned but not concepted


When will you finish this?

  • When ive time.

Is this hard to code?

  • Not… really, its more a time issue than learning issue, all the mechanics, monster abilities, item effects, etc can be used from base/mod items, with just few changes. Hardest part will be vehicle/terrain inclussion.

Are you planning to include more things?
Yeah, and im totally open to new ideas! Thats why i posted this here


I hope you like this, and please, comment everything you think is Ok or not, and give me more ideas!

(Sorry if i wrote something wrong, english can be tricky sometimes)


Dunno if you’re aware, but most of the power armor stuff is hardcode, so you’re somewhat limited in what you can JSON up.

That said, I have a bit of a power armor mod of my own in the works, so I’ll let you know how it works out.


Yeah checked that and internally cried, was planning on creating this kind of PA as regular items.

Will be glad if you share what you can :slight_smile:


Maybe add more real life stuff… Thats litterly everywhere but not in game, maybe penicils, sharpeners, and multystory buildings, the raincollection things on roof who transport rainwater to thr ground, witch i feel is VERY important… Seriusly, its like the worlds hugest funnel and your bottle fills up in 10 sec


There are already mods that add a few multistory buildings, but Z levels don’t work all that well so they’re not very good. Random clutter is usually boring in a game, especially when tile based.
Having rainwater collection on roofs would be horribly complicated, and couldn’t be done in JSON.


Awww… Then maybe more food


That’s really not the intention of this mod. Have you considered making your own mod? You could add whatever you want.


Yes… I tried but am on mobile, and i have no mods that have something that functions like a writingz becose i make my mod py copying, renaming/changing becose i can’t code, and i Don’t have anything to copy for pencils… So… The mod i made just… Doesn’t work


I absolutely love your pixel art! If you make a whole tile set in that style and quality I will probably never use any other tile set ever again. (Don’t get me wrong, the existing tile sets are great; I’m just a huge fan of this pixel art style.)

Also sounds like you’ve got a lot of really cool ideas for game content and stuff. With so many different ideas, it might be a good idea to put some things into separate mods where possible. That way people can (for example) use your power armor without adding other things.

Either way, I’ll be looking forward to seeing your progress on this!


This looks awesome! Would love to see a whole tileset in this style.