I Need Yo' Mod Ideas!

Ayyyyyyeeee, yo. I have this Google Document, and I’m trying to get ideas for a total conversion/mod/theme conversion so I can begin work on one!

Here’s a link for you: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XwvXPwQ1d_5TBViOKxLrfGNN-YyoPlWvQt10NRMyNEA/edit

Go there and write down any ideas you have for a mod. It can be a total conversion or just a theme mod. GIVE ME YOUR IDEAS!


I added Metro: Dark days ahead.

You can guess what I mean.

I’m just gonna say one thing.

Aliens isnt silly, some sort of marooned on a hostile alien world thing could be fun.

I put down stone age survival as a TC mod

I think an alien survival mod, set on Earth or else where, is an AWESOME IDEA. Something that I may seriously consider working on.

Added “1980s-styled retro-futurism”, but then I remembered that I wanted to try that concept out with a Black Isle Fallout-styled post-apocalyptic role-playing game I’ve thought about making sometime in the future.

But let’s stay on the topic of coming up with mod ideas for Clayton, just other ones. Above all, Clayton, this is your thread and these are ideas for your mod. This isn’t my place to dick around.

There was an idea hanging around here from someone to make an overhaul and set the apocalypse in the 1930’s or so. I guess that could be interesting, tommy guns, fedoras and all.

cataclysm no zombies mode!

its the same but instead you just sorta go around killing people.

instead of copbots theres police officers.

An irradiated, cyberpunk world with dangerous encounters, friendly biomes and lots of repairing oportunities called:
“Robots for Skumm and Throttling”


Shameless self promotion:

Cataclysm: Cold and Dark

I think you may remember the thread Clayton, you know the nuclear winter one

The way I see it a one-person TC can be done in one of two ways (or a mix between the two):

Theme Park (a lot of name changes, a few stat changes, a few worldgen changes, but mostly the same stuff).

Mini-TC (an actual total conversion, but with limited scope to make it buildable: essentially a whole new game on the same core mechanics).

So, with that in mind, here’s a few ideas by category:
Theme Park:
-DOOM II: Cataclysm on Earth. The plot and monsters of Doom 2, now with 100% more Cataclysm. You’d need to build a hell-level generator, because It’s DOOM, You Go To Hell.

-Star Trek: Cataclysm. (Not necessarily Star Trek, but the classic space opera ethos.) You are stranded on Planet Cataclysm with nothing but your communicator and your Space Fleet regulation minidress and gogo boots. Your objective: don’t get eaten by the local wildlife. You might even possibly include a victory condition where you assemble and power the appropriate technobabble to contact Star Command for rescue, if you can live long enough and raid enough dungeons for random parts and artifacts.

-Robot Apocalypse. The machines have risen up and destroyed all humans. It’s up to you to destroy them right back! (Or forage for food and water so as to not die.)

-Apocalypse Robot. Humanity has been destroyed by a tragic Zombie Apocalypse or something. You are a robot built in the last years of the now-dead civilization. Scavenge for fuel and spare parts, fight off mutants, other robots, etc. Shut down out-of-control killbot factories (repurposed triffid groves, etc). Upgrade yourself to become the super-robot you’ve always wanted to be.

The Base: cataclysm has struck an isolated outpost in a hostile environment (outer space / under the ocean / the antarctic / etc), which is now falling apart and letting the hostile environment in. Survival means a continued battle against the ever-encroaching environment. Plus there are monsters and stuff.

The Lab: Science Gone Awry has left you trapped in a hellish underground laboratory with only your wits and SCIENCE to protect you. Classic survival horror dungeon, ramping spawns -> evolving Science Gone Awry monsters.

Cataclysm: STALKER Edition. basically Cataclysm only STALKER-fied :stuck_out_tongue: would be easier to do then most.

I clicked the link and it told me that this document was in your trash; I copied it and shared with the same people. However, I also noticed your idea for a Wild West-themed mod.

I now have several ideas on how to expand upon that idea, though I’m not really feeling like typing them all up :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, my brainstorming period was over and me and someone else are working on a “secret” project ;D haha.

Cataclysm, but on a huge ass orbital station.

Space station Cataclysm…


Slashy Aggressive Cataclysm Kittenlike u[/u] :

A year or so after Day_0, lazy goo suddenly became aggressive and unforgiving. The kitten genome is rapidly changing. Can you put an end to this madness? Are you Slash McNeuter, the Chosen One of New England?

It went from Spiderman, Hello Kitty and Halle Berry to just being BAD. Zombies are taking on each other, insane with lust and prospect of adding bodyparts. Grotesque five-storey tall abominations are threading on everything they set their many eyes on along with their pet blobs, night vision and karate. With so many others being poop-freeze scared in their moms’ basements, can you find all the parts for the SuperDuperNanoBlade of McFathers and free the world from impending doom?
-better tiles, jars with kitten sacks are now visible
-neuter wild felines too, tame them with tranquilizers
-new CopyPasta bionic, confuse the blob brain behind that giant lump of flesh with SuperheroQuote and SleepyKittenQuote
-CloneCodeCat bonus game included!

I want it! I WANT IT! GIMME !!!

I fucking hate cats.

I don’t like lazy cats.

I posted this before…

"Sooo, when the mod manager is out, i guess some people will make mods. And others will mak etilesets to go with them.

I mean, what are your ideas? I’d like to do something stalker-fallouthesque (Wich is weird because i have never played any of those games, and i wish i could… does anyone have a portable Stalker?), but, who knows? There are so many possibilities! Like

-Something fallouthesque
-Something Stalkeresque
-Somthing futuristic, with robots and hovers instead of wheels
-The World of Apes
-The World of Bears
-The World of Zombears
-I think that if someone could manage something like the Waterworld movie when there are good NPC, make it. Please, i beg you.
-Medieval things (With castles, villes instead of cities, ghouls instead of zombies… but, they are the same SHUTUP.)
-Star Wars. Please. Star wars. I want to be in Tatooine killing jawas and being followed by mercenaries of the Hutt Cartel.
-More zombies
-A better Halloween version (i have not played it, but you get me)
-Somthing more or less like Tankmen, from Newgrounds (they are little funny animations, but i like the setup)
-Being lost in a jungle
-Who knows? Maybe even a Minecraft inspired mod. (With good breaking-crafting-items list, it could be even perfect)

Choose is ours, gentlemen."