Secronom Zombies' Mod Thread


Secronom Zombies <- download the secronom v1.4 mod here

~ First of all, the mod’s main focus is to make your world even more dangerous and intense, adding odd variety of zombies into your world. From skittering parasites to complex enemies, everything is a threat, so prepare your trusty guns and ravel through the depths :wink:.

  • The v1.4 update revolves on structures and locations. Now the secronom labs has even more and larger spaces and is made for scavenging peeps… So, the next step is v1.5, that deals on weapons and other items that “would” give benefits to players.
  • Along with v1.5, I have removed the LUA dependent functions included in the mod. This means that creatures and places that has specialties with LUA are deleted to prevent errors with the latest builds :+1:

(take a look on the README.txt included in this mod for the changelog and others)


As of v1.4:

As of v1.2:

Interior of Secronom Lab - Ugly


This is a similar concept of PKRebalancing mod… And remains to that point as my reason in wasting lots of time to keep this mod alive…

Thanks to SomeDeadGuy for his tilesets as spritebase and Poragon’s Poracomp, learning LUA is an achievement for me :smiley:

How to install the mod properly:

NOTE: This tutorial is meant for mediafire-downloaded file.

PoraComp Mod Thread
A wandering updater appears! Works with B8166 (lazy b8212 update in comments)

Wait is this Dead Frontier style zombies?


Well yes. I based my reference not only from that game :slight_smile:


We all need more Dead Frontier :slight_smile:


What’s with the speech files? lol

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Yeah, IKR. It just came to my head unexpectedly :slight_smile:


Bump. Time for the next step :slight_smile:

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Even with tiles! Love it!

I see normal size ones do not have shadows. Find shadow tile in my tileset, put it in your mod tileset, and then assign that tile to all normal sized monsters as background.

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I’ll try it on the next update :wink:


this may sound dumb but, where do I put the file that I downloaded?


Are you on a phone or pc?


ya im on the computer


Extract it first, them put the “secronom” folder directly to the mods folder of CDDA…


thanks for the help!


So the Zombies in your pack evolve in time? Cuz i have just started playing with your pack, and its quite interesting. They seem std when it comes to taking them out with my Rivtech combat knife. Can i expect new locations as time passes? Could you also highlight anything that needs some appreciation or any future works thats WIP?


Yeah, they do. A year is enough to see some differences :slight_smile:

Well, I’m working on the secronom lab. It’s WIP and is impassable without the use of jackhammer.

Secro zombies would need difficulty fixes, especially the newly implemented ones. Just tell me what could go wrong in your world :wink:

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Wait, do you know how to mod phone? Thats where I put all of my hours on, and I definitely don’t want to be messing with files on my phone, especially since there’s a big difference with files between phone and Pc (Im on like the Feb. 19 version right now of Android)
Also does updating the .apk delete old saves? or can I transfer them?


Get the app called ES File Explorer. Download a mod from google chrome. Mods from github you have to go to the desktop version at the bottom of the site. Then after you download it go to downloads and tap the file and open in es file explorer. After that, hold it and tap extract. Choose path and do Android>data>com.cleverraven.cataclysmdda>files>data>mods and it should appear.

Updating the apk doesn’t interfere with save data.

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Thanks again, SomeDeadGuy. I thought your sprites already has shadows in-game, then I realized it doesn’t :slightly_frowning_face:
I manually placed the shadow background on each monster tile, just to compress the size of the mod :slight_smile:

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Now you need to do another thing, my friendo :slight_smile:
Corpses for monsters. Or wait before i make them, but i just started to work on PK’s corpses, and there is also arcana and ++ in the waiting line.