Funks Misc Items mod 0.2

I have finally given up with getting github to work with xp, and just up loaded my mod.

Here is my misc item mod 0.1

It contains:
4 new pieces of armor, 3 new guns, one new car part and 5 recipes
File here

…Well, I don’t download mods unless they actually say what’s in it instead of “guns and armor here”.

There’s cut down variants of the AK47 and M4A1, hood mounted car mirrors and some some clothing:
scrap breastplate (scrap suit level armor for just the chest)
armored leather corset (why not?)
hard plastic breastplate (goes with the Hard leg and arm guards)
spiked leather collar (for the goth zombies)

Woo! Thank you.

That’s some cool items.

0.2 released

New better vw beetle!
A new engine!
External water tanks!
2 New high power bats!
New armor!

Note it is for stable release, experimental builds may be incomparable.
download it here

says file does not exist

I’d like to add this to the mod list in the Lab, is this being maintained anymore or does someone have a copy to share?

Dat necro.

Well, I’m planning to spend some hours reviving dead mods. Might as well get some practice reviving dead posts first. Have you checked out the mod list? I’ve gone back 12 pages in the Lab searching for mods to add :stuck_out_tongue: