RetroDays Tileset (Update 2018)

RetroDays Tileset (Update 2018)


  • 12.01.2018 - First attempt.
  • 21.01.2018 - Now all missing tiles are filled.
  • 24.01.2018 - Fixed railroad tiles.
  • 11.03.2018 - Added PK mod tiles. Updated to build 7194.
  • 01.04.2018 - Updated to build 7257. Added tiles for mods, now tileset supports (Bionics System Mod, Boats, Bright Nights, Craftable Gun Pack, Crazy Cataclysm, Folding Parts pack, Dino Mod, Generic Guns, Makeshift Items Mod, Medieval and Historic Content, More Locations, More Survival Tools, Beta National Guard Camp, Necromancy, Mythological Replicas, PKs Reimagining, Extended Realistic Guns, Improved survivor weapons, Tanks and Other Vehicles, Urban Development)
  • 03.04.2018 - Added missing tiles for PKs_Rebalancing 5.6.4d(Patch 5.6.4h)
  • 08.04.2018 - Fixed pigeon tile and minor changes.


  • Added several missed images compared to original
  • Edited few images for more immersion
  • If you love RetroDays theme but something annoys you, you can ask me to fix it.







omg someone updated Retrodays, thanks!

Looking good! Thanks!

Nice set tile-set! It’s actually nice to look at.

Oh hey, this looks great. I still play CDDA occasionally but haven’t had time to update RetroDays in ages, largely due to being flat out busy with some FO4 modding.

You should submit this to be included in the main game as an update to the included RetroDays tileset/s. A Pull Request (PR)? You can tell it’s been a while because I’m forgetting the jargon. :wink:

I haven’t had time to try it out in-game, but from your screenshot and a quick look at the tileset image itself, this looks like a great update and yeah - I think it should be in main.


great it is! i wonder if that’s possible to replace all the tiles for creatures from PK rebalance which now miss them with some generic types?

Railways look somewhat strange:

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omg, they got implemented in latest version? im sadly limited to old android port as of now but it seems im missing alot

Only in subway and with limited capabiilities, but it is just a start.

Hello, great to see you! It really not easy to make something compared to your masterpice. I’m not even close an artist, and somehow comprese shape of object to 8x8 pixels in mostly one color, and make them recognizable, is pain to me. But i cant play with others tilesets now, its one love.
And thanks for advice, i will try figure out how to send request to devs, to be included as update.

You right, Tileset definetly should cover PK mod. I still not feel myself pro enoght to play game with it, but someday i will. I will try to do this with in a week.

When i was doing them i somehow thought about standart railroads and that they still not implemented. I will fix this mess :slight_smile:

Gee, man, much thanks. Im not that good at the game, just enjoy being in dire situations and as i understoood PK rebalance modifies underground structures as well and my 2nd char is a rat living in sewers under the big-big city, that’s why i was so happy to see Zhilkin’s pic which looks way nicer than how underground looks at my old android version. And I second the opinion of this tileset being absolutely the best.

I will do my best :slight_smile: Also when it done, will be good if you provide some feedback how it looks, especially if something looks wrong.


These + rail tiles dont looks too nicely, but they dont want rotate with any ways what i tried.
I just forced to make them be suitable in vertical and horisontal railroads simultaneously.


Ha - no, I feel exactly the same way. I found working on the tileset to be tough, and didn’t feel like much of an artist either.

I expanded the tileset a lot, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the original charset by Trihook, or HRose’s first iteration of it as a tileset for CDDA. (The “Retro/ASCII” tileset.)

Will it help if there are will be separate entities for vertical/horizontal and diagonal rails?

If you mean to make request for devs to make change, im still not familiar with such things.
But yes, it will help if they have separate id, something like this:

I’m working on updated railroad tiles here, adding horizontal, vertical and diagonal railroad ties, tracks and track on ties terrains:

There are following terrains now:

Railroad ties:

  • -: t_railroad_tie_h;
  • |: t_railroad_tie_v;
  • /: t_railroad_tie_d;

Railroad tracks:

  • X: t_railroad_track;
  • H: t_railroad_track_h;
  • V: t_railroad_track_v;
  • D: t_railroad_track_d;

Railroad track on ties:

  • x: t_railroad_track_on_tie;
  • h: t_railroad_track_h_on_tie;
  • v: t_railroad_track_v_on_tie;
  • d: t_railroad_track_d_on_tie

Can you please look if there are enough terrains now to update railroads in this tileset?

I also suggest make a PR to move updated tileset to mainline.

I have a Pull Request submitted for this right now :wink:

Sorry for delay. Finally finished with adding tiles for PK mod.

Here i made example how it can look after changes.
If i understand correctly, "_d" mean diagonal? then If it posible for game to generate railroad which turns from left to right we need both IDs "\" and "/" for diagonals.

May be i dont understant how all stuff work exacly, may be it possible to set tile angle at map preset/generation stage and with Rotation=true flag it will rotates where you need?

But if its not possible, here IDs we should have:

Railroad ties:

t_railroad_tie; it cover both "h" and "v" inner tie tiles because there 2 connected tiles. It also cover outer piece of tie because its just square in my case.

(It posible to make tie fully connected, like this
it will cost for additional ID for each direction
not sure if it worth it)

t_railroad_tie_d1; for diagonal /
t_railroad_tie_d2; for diagonal \
I cant figure out how to make diagonal ties solid :frowning:

Railroad tracks:

t_railroad_track; it cover both "h" and "v" tiles because there 2 connected tiles.)
t_railroad_track_d1; for diagonal /
t_railroad_track_d2; for diagonal \

Railroad track on ties:

t_railroad_track_h_on_tie; horsiontal
t_railroad_track_v_on_tie; vertical
t_railroad_track_d1_on_tie; diagonal /
t_railroad_track_d2_on_tie; diagonal \

Some map variation, not much better, but a little more smooth.
In this case we can get rid of both these IDs
t_railroad_track_d1_on_tie; for diagonal /
t_railroad_track_d2_on_tie; for diagonal \

Im hope there is a way to make all this more simple.


Update for mods users \ Smile /

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I just found that “PKs Reimagining” is little outdated. Here update with missing tiles for latest as i assume version of PKs_Rebalancing - 5.6.4d(Patch 5.6.4h)
(Unofficial PK’s Rebalancing Patch 5.6.4h)
There really cool new monsters were added among other things.