Alternative RetroDays's

Fresh from the Discord, @Rylan#8183 has done a little tweaking to the RetroDays tileset. This may help relieve some eyestrain associated with the default RetroDays tileset. If response is positive, this may BECOME the default RetroDays.
Offerings from Ivy and Dissociativity have also appeared ITT, I’ve compiled them all in this post.

Please feel free to address feedback to Rylan via the discord server as well as this post. Any suggestions for alterations to tiles besides darkening the terrain is welcome.

Download is Linked Below the Picture:

edit: There’ve been a couple versions of Retro Days popping up ITT, I’ll compile them all here. Expand their posts with the karat to the right for the link.

Dissociativity’s offering (@dissociativity#8391), similar to brownlikebears -

Ivy’s version (@bleak#4706), a gentle blue WIP with some reworked textures -


So I’ve played about 20min with this and it is pretty gentle on the eye.

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Neat, I’ll definitely check this out!
Picture so far doesn’t have me as huge fan, but I’ve not seen it off of a phone yet.

Looks great. The original RetroDays was indeed a bit harsh on the eyes after a bit of playtime.

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I’m trying to like Retrodays, and mostly I do, but I wish the roads were a little more ‘solid’, rather than that grainy pattern.

I use a brown background in my personal copy instead of this method, but if it becomes the default, that’s that.

I can upload if anyone is a fan

That’s definitely better and easier on the eyes, kinda similar to brownlikebears tileset.

here you are

hey! i have a WIP shot of the version of retrodays i’m working on. i’m not planning on making it darker, per se, but i am planning on reducing the contrast and altering some of the tiles to make them gentler on the eyes. this is only the first step in me making a gentler asphalt tile. i’m definitely going to do work on at least the asphalt, sidewalk, and grass tiles before making a PR, but i think it’s turning out well so far


Personally, this aqua/navy blue hue is my favorite of those posted thus far, it just feels like my eyes aren’t having to work as hard.

That last one, that the one, it corrects the the grainy effect of the other two, and it indded feels lie the eyes dont need to work so hard, even the minimap seems awesome

That looks really great.

thank you for the interest and feedback! i’m currently playing a game with what i have so far. it’s nice! i’ve done over the street and sidewalk tiles so far and probably won’t get back to working on that tileset for at least a week due to real life concerns. i can upload my updated tileset with what i have so far if people are interested?

im interested, could you upload a link?

sure! here it is


I’ve installed and have been using it for a little bit after using DeadPeople, and I have to say I’m not having as much difficulty adjusting as I expected! The loss of some fidelity has most certainly been offset by how much more gentle it is on my eyes. It’s been making the whole experience just a little more mellow than I’m used to.

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Yeah, that looks amazing; the roads alone make it way easier on the eye. Keep us up to date on this! :slight_smile:

The penny has finally dropped as to what Retrodays reminds me of - a turn-based strategy game called Rebelstar Raiders, way back in the early 80s on the ZX Spectrum. The author went on to many, bigger things, not least of which was creating the XCOM series.

You have no idea how long it’s been bugging me what the Retrodays aesthetic was reminding me of :wink:

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OMG so many memories…

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Yeah, I played the hell out of the first two Rebelstar games. Good times, loading stuff off cassette tapes.