Please remove gun modification pluses in the main hud!

I doubt this is a problem for anyone other than me and a few other people but its still critically game impairing (cant see if in burst or not) and easily fixable

I’d keep at least a single plus (or even better another symbol) to remind the player that the weapon is in fact a modded one.
Other than that, I agree, I also had issues with this on my gun nut characters.

I second limiting it to just the one plus to show that it’s modded, there’s no need for a Colt 45+++++++++++++++++++

Just imagine how terrifying it must be to see someone with that many pluses strapped to a pistol.

A normal Glock is 2 volume. My Glock is 8 volume.

A normal Glock is 2 volume. My Glock is 8 volume.[/quote]
No one man should have all that volume.

I’m sorry, but I can’t tell if that gun is in burst mode.

I’m sorry, but I can’t tell if that gun is in burst mode.

Yeah you’re gonna need to remove the fork and the bird badge too see how many bullets you have, sorry.[/quote]

Yeah the multiple pluses are a holdover from the previous gunmod system, they’re not suitable for the new one. I think a single plus, to indicate the weapon has one (or more) mods, would be quite sufficient.

How about a D&D-style system: +x, where x is number of mods

It still feels a bit redundant, I mean I don’t see it being useful knowing that my Colt has 8 mods on it and my Remington has 2. The important part is it’s modded, other than that you don’t really need to know if the difference is “I put a holo sight on it” or “IT IS THE PINNACLE OF TACTI-COOL.”

how many and which mods are installed can be found out by looking at the item discription so i would second that a simple single + for whether its modded or not is sufficient.

Will fix, probably by disallowing that many mods :slight_smile:


probably by disallowing that many mods

Thanks guys

my Glock 19++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
its ruined

We already have the mod locations system to limit how many mods can be used, adding a hard cap would make zero sense and render the whole system pretty much pointless; the whole reason we made the new system was to REMOVE arbitrary caps.

If someone wants to add a mod to EVERY last slot on their glock and make it weigh 20 pounds, I say let them.

Natures, he said to remove the pluses in the HUD, not remove modding caps.

Read Kevin’s last post. He said he might cap the number of mods we can put on a gun, which Nature (and I) are opposing.