Extra Gun mods?

So i was looking at the “I will draw your survivor” post… I think thats what its called, and i saw in some peoples Screenies, they had more than 4 gun mods… I looked about 7 pages into the contributions section and failed to find it, so my question is, how?? Is there some sort of item that does this for you in vanilla game?
I, As a rp Sniper character id like to fully modify my m107 to its full potential and the lack of a few things bothers me here.
Thanks in advance to those of whom can answer me.

After some fiddling around in debug, it is possible to add more than four gun mods to your weapon. Check the description of your gun, it should show a few slots looking like this.

These show how many, and what kind of, attachments are on your gun. Count 'em up, and you get more than four. Just gotta get different type weapon mods and you should be able to break four.

Hmmmm really now, Thanks, was getting somewhat peeved about this, though i really dont mess around too much with debug, feels to close to cheating.

Well, it is cheating. Spawning in items and what-have-you.

Well, i never really plan to spawn in items but if im reading correctly, it says it can hold 0/4 0/1 0/3 sooo without using debug with just this i could have 8 mods on my gun or i would have to mess with stuff?

Yep, you should be able to have 8 mods, but these mods will be of different types. You can’t have two stock mods on one gun.

Wow thanks a ton for clarifying that, i’ll def be souping up my gun a bit more.

Some mods are also rarer than others. I remember spending 3 in-game years before I found a sniper scope. Found a ton of laser sights and spare mags, but scopes were much rarer for me. Then again, it could just be the RNG messing with me.

A sniper scope??? You mean a rifle scope?? if so ive found a couple here and there but yes they seem pretty darn rare… which is odd… not like you cant walk into any gunstore today and find 20-40 different types of scopes and such.

That’s what I meant, yeah. Rifle scope.