Playing on a tablet?

Would the game run on Windows Mobile? And if so, would it need to be compiled for that platform or would it theoretically work as is? Maybe on something like this:

I would be absolutely shocked if you could get it to compile for windows mobile.

Fair enough I know nothing about this stuff

So it looks like there are two unofficial options for playing CDDA on a tablet - remotely via the internet, and natively using various methods.

For playing remotely Teamviewer 10 has been mentioned. Does this work over an internet connection or just over a local network? And if not, do any others support remote access over internet? And do any of the remote access programs come with a virtual keyboard on the tablet?

The other option is playing natively, which would clearly be more complicated but would be the better option. I’ve heard Linux tarballs, project files for executables, Ubuntu, and mint, none of which I’ve heard of. So for those who’ve done it, how much work is involved, and how would I go about learning how to do it myself? I was a computer programmer many years ago so I have some IT knowledge, although I’ve never worked with Android systems before.

Sorry to keep banging on about this but I just can’t find any games on Android or iOS which satisfy my apocalypse itch, and I think CDDA would be perfect for dipping in and out of throughout the day on a tablet, rather than slowly booting up a very old laptop in order to play it.

I agree this needs to be built for android pretty please :slight_smile:

I would love the full desktop CDDA on android Drools :slight_smile:

TeamViewer itself requires an internet connection and you will see a multisecond delay even in the same room. The biggest hitch is that you are sending video between devices, not terminal. You’ll always have some delay since your connection goes out and then over to a different device. You could easily have an 8 second minimum delay from 1500 miles away.

Even on Windows, on screen tablet keyboards suck, so I feel your pain.

I got both the op in this forum post to work without root:

And the one in this message in that forum post to work with root, right in a terminal on my phone:

I am pretty sure you could swap out that ancient 0.B version with this one. Arms are arms, right?

That said, it is curses and you will at least need the hacker’s keyboard (in the Play store) if not a physical keyboard.

Or, you could ssh into or rogues

I have not noticed a multi second delay on team viewer. I use it to remote into other computers in my home and to use tablets and phones to access it. It would be better to say that it depends on the quality of your network and internet connection.

For remote curses mode you shouldn’t need teamviewer.
Just ssh into a linux box with cata and play on the terminal.
Without usb keyboard its bound to be hard though.

I’m playing on a tablet, technically. It’s a Windows 8 tablet (not RT), and it has a neat attachable folding keyboard dock that makes it work like a regular netbook, but I can attest that it works relatively well via the standard Win8 onscreen keyboard (desktop version, Metro version has an inverted numpad). Movement can be handled via tapping the screen, everything else is easily navigated via onscreen controls.

I’m not sure what it’d take to make it work on Android (I imagine most Android keyboards are ill-suited for the task since they lack numpads), but I just wanted to say that, as a concept, CDDA on a tablet definitely works. Maybe if we used existing pointer support to create a sort of a command interface provided by the game itself, it could be even better.

Hold on a minute, it seems someone created an iOS version without me noticing!

Has anyone played it? Does it work well? Is it still the full game? It gets good reviews on the Apple store. I would have to seriously consider buying an iPad Mini 2 if it meant I could play CDDA when out and about.

And on a side note I didn’t realise you could get an iPad Mini 2 for under £200. I just assumed that they were £500 or something crazy.

[quote=“ianpwilliams, post:31, topic:10573”]Has anyone played it? Does it work well? Is it still the full game?[/quote]I’ve played my last 10 or so runs on the mobile version because I don’t have access to a decent PC, and I have to say that playing on iOS (an iPhone, to be specific) is exactly like playing the PC version. The only things I would like mention are the following:

Controls - If you don’t have an external keyboard to plug into your iDevice, gameplay isn’t as smooth as it could potentially be with one. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve only been playing with a virtual keyboard, but both keyboard “modes” force you to compromise and combine them for the the optimal playing experience instead of letting you comfortably stick with one all the time;

[ul][*]Dynamic mode - pressing any key makes the keyboard dissapear, forcing you to use a preset gesture to activate it again. After 3-4 activations (in rapid succession) the keyboard deactivates and you have to re-open the app for it to work again. Not sure if it’s a bug or one of my jailbreak tweaks influencing the game but it does get quite annoying after a while.

[*]Static mode - the keyboard doesn’t disappear, allowing you to write longer strings and do longer actions. The problem with that is you can’t use any of the special “floating” iOS controls introduced in the mobile version and you have to solely rely on the keyboard for directions, lists and other choices you want to make. Note that on an iPhone it also covers nearly half of the screen so this mode isn’t an option for actual exploration/vision-requiring tasks.[/ul]

There’s also a very neat tutorial that appears every time you open the app right before the main menu screen, showing you how to use the special mobile version gestures.

Visuals - Default tilesets and ASCII tiles are available. Besides that, I’d say my experience with the game visually is irrelevant; you have to keep the phone quite close to your face if you want to have a chance at seeing anything you do, hopefully this won’t be a problem with a tablet.

Version - The game seems to be running an outdated experimental version, so you have a bunch of experimental features like the new light system, sprinting, various experimental monsters and items, and more.

Sounds - The sound options are there, but mine don’t seem to be working correctly. I can hear the SFX in the main menu but nothing else in-game. Then again, I never played with sound in the PC version so perhaps that’s the extent of it.

Everything else - that includes the rest of the options, keybindings, menu layouts, GUI - are all identical to the PC version. It’s exactly like playing the game on PC, on a smaller screen. Some people reported crashes on older devices but I haven’t experienced anything of the sort. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. I could also post screenshots if needed.

Great stuff, and very informative, so thanks for that.

So it sounds like most of the issues you describe would be less of an issue on an iPad.

Controls - the static control scheme sounds better (unless the Dynamic control scheme bug is somehow unique to your device), as hopefully the bigger screen would be big enough for both the keyboard and the play area. The iPad Mini 2 is apparently smaller though, although hopefully still big enough. I could theoretically connect some kind of mini keyboard, which would be fine at home, but not so good in work, when I would like to be able to quickly dip in and out.

Visuals - does the iOS version have the mshock tileset? That’s the only one I really like on PC, and I don’t really like ASCII mode, although I’m sure I could get used to anything if need be

Version - is it an issue with it being an old version? I haven’t played the earlier versions, but I guess it’s always been a great game. I take it that no iOS device will struggle with running the game? It says it requires iOS 8.0 or higher, and it seems like the iPad Mini 2 supports that. But I wonder how soon it would be before it required a newer iOS version which the iPad Mini 2 might not support?

Also, any screen grabs you might have of the game with the virtual keyboard on would be great.