Cataclysm on a Raspberry Pi?

So, would it be possible to play Cataclysm DDA on a Raspberry Pi? (i know you can, but do you get feasible turn times etc. 2sec/turn is a bit much :p)
Reason being, we have this break room in our college, that lacks something called games. A lot of us play roguelikes, so me and my friends are going to turn the coffee table into a Cataclysm machine.

Try it.
Not like it’s a 15 gig game.

Doesn’t the Raspberry Pi have an arm processor? If so, I think you would need to compile it again for arm. Which I’m guessing wouldn’t be too difficult. Some of the newer ones might have x86 processors or something, I am not sure.

I had a copy running on mine, It was slow and terrible.
Gave it away.

Honestly in most cases with dealing with something that weak (be it a raspberry pi or a mobile device) your best bet is just going to set up C:DDA on a real computer somewhere, then just SSH to the real computer to play it.

To be honest, my mobile device runs Youtube better than my PC does.
And my PC runs Cata fine, so if that’s the case, Cata would run great on a Tablet.

Yeah, well maybe you should get a better computer. :stuck_out_tongue: (Sorry, dev computer syndrome sufferer here, my computer could run rings around my portable devices before they even knew that it was a race. XD)

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Anyways, we did end up making the coffee table into a Cata machine. The Pi is not running it though. Just using a SSH connection to the crappy computer we built out of the college’s scrap parts. It plays quite well.

I bought a raspberry pi model 2. It’s still slow and useless.

Probably not going to purchase a model 3.