Playing on a tablet?

I Googled “Cataclysm” and “playing on an Android” and found this page, where they talk about how it’s possible to play CDDA on an Android phone using debian:

So then I got very excited at the idea, and then I wondered if it would also be possible to do that on an Android tablet, seeing as a phone screen would surely be too small when using a virtual keyboard. I absolutely love the game, and to be able to play it during my breaks in work would be fantastic, and also for that matter at home on a tablet instead of on a very old and slow-booting netbook.

So is this theoretically possible? And if so, how technical would it be?

Since android is a linux-based platform, can’t you just use the linux tarballs?

-has no experiences with phones or tablets-

I’ve got no idea. I’ve clearly got even less experience because I don’t even know what tarballs are. I have started modding PC games recently though (installing, not creating), which is pretty complicated, so I’m hopeful that if this was possible that I might be able to manage it after doing lots of research. But the question remains as to whether it’s actually possible or not. I really hope so.

we had this working a while back, but never mainlined it. All it needed was a project file for building an android executable.

Kevin I know u are busy but I beg of u please can we have android builds lime we do for Linux. Windows etc.

I have been asking for android builds for about two years.

If not I understand buddy but it would be amazing

I don’t know how big a job that is, but if it’s a sizeable one then I wonder if it would be worth trying a small crowd funding project? I would certainly pay towards being able to play CDDA on a tablet (not that I own a tablet yet, but I was considering buying one anyway).

why do not install ubuntu or mint? i heard that windows 10 should work too
and im unsure if ubuntu or mint have touch screen drivers

Not sure what Ubuntu or mint are

Would it work by using an Android app to control your PC remotely on a tablet?

Although the app would have to support a virtual keyboard. And even then it would only cover you for while in work rather than away from home (unless you had the PC on while away from home).

Well from kevins own words he said he had it working.

I would realy love for this to get mainlined I truly would

Nudge nudge wink wink…Kevin :slight_smile:

I would buy a tablet if I could play CDDA on it (via my Dropbox copy).

if your tablet have internet connection you can launch teamviewer 10 (free for non comercial use) on your pc and tablet
with tablet you connect to pc and play cata dda on your pc with tablet

Yeah I was looking at programs for controlling my PC via the internet using a tablet, because surely that would allow you to play CCDA. In fact there’s an app that apparently allows you to play proper commercial games, so surely a Roguelike would be doable.

But does it support a virtual keyboard on the tablet?

And if it’s a constant internet connection, how much data would the tablet get through? Chances are I would have to use 3G rather than WiFi, which might be alright in short bursts, but could be expensive over long periods.

yeah agreed

the only real way to go with this is a proper build for android :wink:

Well I for one would be more than happy to contribute to a crowd funding campaign to pay for the hours required to create an Android tablet version. And I bet others would too.

Does anyone know if the game would run on a Pocket PC? The Pocket PC seems to run using a portable version of Windows so I’m not sure.

Does anyone know if the game would run on a Pocket PC? The Pocket PC seems to run using a portable version of Windows so I'm not sure.
The best way to find out is to give it a shot.

Maybe, although I wouldn’t want to buy one only to discover it didn’t work. I need to find out what the differences are between desktop Windows and mobile Windows.

Oh I had the assumption that you already had one. I see now that I was sorely mistaken. Sorry about that.

No problem, I just need to do some research into them