LOVE the Android Port!

I just started playing the Android port and I so love it!
Have been playing it on my Ubuntu computer for years.

And after some time figuring out the controls I now can take CDDA everywhere with me!

Feel like reviewing the German translation, since thats my mother tongue. And checking the ingame text this could use some brush up.

But then the potential for this game are…

Joined and started to review and edit strings. Recognise part of my own work. Now can edit to improve it.

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That is great! Deutch-speaking people will be happy.

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I feel this project has reached the kindling point.
Like that time when Dwarf Fortress was in its 5 year of development.
Then I started to notice it and things picked up for Tarn.
By that I dont mean Tarn got any help from me. The DF forum was Simple Machines, just like C:DDA was. And that made it hard for me to post from my phone.

However, trends that pick I think I tend to notice early on.
Thats what I meant by that.

I found C:DDA a while after they had their kickstarter. And then hired a programmer. Needless to say, things dont work the first time they are tried.

What this makes different now is the setup. its mobile, its in German.
Which means I can introduce it to people who might be interested.
My german-speaking colleagues. Playing with their smart phones.

And for that to even work better I gotta work on the translation some more.

Self fulfilling motivation? Sounds like an interesting dynamic to have…with yourself?

Its basically sticking to stuff.
Just watching the ups and downs. Things never working the first time.

And then feeling this surge of motivation to apply oneself. That hopefully lasts as long as one has been silently watching and beyond that.