Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead on Android?

Maybe I just didn’t see the thread, but is there some kind of port for Cataclysm on an Android system? I remember someone on the old forum tried to do something with it but it didn’t exactly work out. Any ideas about a project like that?

Run it remote from your pc.

That could work. Thanks for the advice, an app for cataclysm would be a pretty troublesome burden :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea the Dev crew is spread way to thin as it is

I’d happily pay 10 dollars for CDDA on android. Food for thought

I’d pay 20.

The problem is, we don’t currently have any way to take your money. Who, exactly, would you want to pay it TOO? :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve also got no way to stop someone from making an android port and selling it though, so if you do want it you could make a bit of change doing it yourself. :wink:

Set up a paypal account for CDDA? That’s one way we could pay you :stuck_out_tongue: and you guys could use the money for chips and soda while working on the C++ xD

wouldn’t really work since splinting the cash would be troublesome because there is not set group of devs it changes near constantly and then we would have people who only fixed one thing demanding a cut of said money

Well, one could make helluva zombie defense outta DDA for the handhelds, that’s for sure…

If you want to give me personally money, feel free to flattr me
I should set up a BTC client too…