Not enough clothing for Mutants

As a Chimera Mutant, I’ve run into a single, recurring problem over the course of my run: I can wear very few types of armor over certain body parts because of my mutations.

There is simply not enough clothing options for characters with mutated bodies. There’s very few craft-able clothing that you can make to alleviate this issue, and a lot of the clothing available makes you unable to use the mutations in question.

Examples: Any armor made out of hard material is off limits to anyone with a tail. All four kinds of power armor are off limits to anyone with any clothing restrictions. There is no radiation protection for mutants with these mutations. A lot of good suits of armor are also off limits (like the Scrap Suit).

I don’t see what would stop someone from tailoring clothes to accommodate for mutations, or crafting more XL clothing (like XL Heavy Survivor Armor). Hell, making a pair of Cargo Pants allowing for you to swing your club tail around seems simple enough.

What does everyone else think about this?

If not mainlined make a mod. But yes it seems unreasonable for a char to not try and modify a piece of clothing to accommodate their new anatomy. Like modifying a pair of metal gauntlets to allow you to use your claws.

I think power armor being designed for normal human anatomy and being hard-to-near-unto-impossible to refit is appropriate.

I mean, to be able to refit it, you’d basically need a Rivtec milspec prototyping laboratory up and running. I’m not saying it should be outright impossible! I hate “no” as a game design ethos. “Yes/okay, but,” is more my speed.

Power armor isn’t something you’re going to be able to refit on an anvil with a forge. That’s going to need some high-tech gadgetry.

Rivtech design document (for armor) and advanced tools for a well designed modification but just the armor and an advanced cutting tool to cut holes in the armor for a really shoddy one.

The real question is, would power armor still be power armor if you just go cutting holes in it? You’d probably be cutting through important things; power lines, liquid lines, myomer power-assist bundles, etc. Any of that could seriously compromise the armor’s usability, if not make it outright hazardous to you - just imagine slipping your legs into a pair of chopped-off power armor shorts that have had their power lines severed with a dremel tool. You want electricity running so close to your goodies? I don’t.

I mean, you could pull the electrics and motive system entirely, but at that point you’re basically wearing a suit of plate armor.

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Yeah, I don’t see anyone short of the Old Guard remaking Power Armor for mutants. Either that, or you have a fully equipped lab to make every single part (This assumes that the creation of power armor is a Columbus Egg sort of thing).

I was more thinking of big, hulking pieces of armor meant to bear a mutant’s enhanced bodymass, like an XL Scrap Suit, or maybe making a Hazmat Suit that you can fit those enormous fangs inside of.

Yeah - that should be doable. I think the real problem with that is the way every item in CDDA conforms specifically to a prototype, so you can’t just, say, use a tailoring kit to procedurally refit your stuff to your new anatomy. Someone would have to go through the item entries by hand, copying them all and adding new ones that just have the tag that lets them fit mutated anatomy, and then add recipes to allow you to craft the new ones from the old ones, and frankly that is just a bloody lot of work, even with the “copy-from”: tag being flagrantly abused.

One thing I always wondered is since the gasses (most of them anyway) are visible why doesn’t our character just hold their breath if for example do so while sliding a mask off then biting. Also I never said the modification were reasonable and at the very least the power armor modification I suggested would compromise the armor integrity removing the rad proof and 100 percent protection.
As for the whole copy paste every armor thing while I would apply that to any hard armors but soft ones I think should have a tailor modification option where the items stats are slightly reduced but it now fits your new bits.

a first step is deciding what is ‘enough’.

how many shirts?
how many pants?
how many armors?

i think that at least some of the point of the restriction is to help set mutants out as abhorrent.

well, would say the hazmat suit/ANBC suit kinda make sense you can’t just break a hole in it for a tail and call it good.

There’s a difference between “mutants are abhorrent” and “even mutants with high intelligence scores are too stupid to modify their clothing”. If the integrity of the clothing wouldn’t be harmed by adding extra holes for new body parts or the work done to stitch on additional material to make it larger mutants should be able to alter the clothing to fit. So no hazmat suits, no power armor, but anything else a character with the skills to make it should be able to alter it to fit their new anatomy.

There are a lot of mutation branches available in the game but this inability for most of them to wear the majority of the gear in the game is one of the largest reasons most of them aren’t considered viable to a large portion of the playerbase.

That is the exact reason of that i only use medical, alpha, elf-a, fish and sometimes bird. Its too inconvinient because the game forces you to be at best light atmored and half-nude, at worst the XL clothing/armor encumbrance its too prohibitive to even wear.

I am pretty certain before the fall. Humans were not experimenting openly with mutations outside of labs. So it stands to reason you would have to make all your own gear. That said. Being ABLE to make freak-wear is a good idea =D

I don’t think anyone is arguing for being able to find mutant fitted gear, but there’s no logical reason to be unable to craft hand made gear to fit or being unable to refit existing gear using the normal system for making gear fitted.

The only logical way I can see someone “finding” mutant fitted gear is off another mutant survivor or getting it from a Faction. Say, the Old Guard (assuming at least some of the Military Scientists actually survived), or maybe the remnants of a large corporation like Doubletech or Rivtech (if they get added to the game).

Right now, the level of restriction some mutations give you is ridiculous. I recently found out my Club Tail mutation prevents me from wearing a Hip Flask on the grounds that its on the Legs slot and made of a hard material.

I can even buy not being able to find mutant fitted gear from other mutants or factions with the excuse that every mutant is differently misshapen enough that just because it fits their four arms and a tail doesn’t mean it will comfortable on your four arms and a tail. I just can’t buy not being able to alter it for a personally tailored fit.

Shockingly, this has come up before, see Thoughts on Mutation

Tl;Dr: more extensive fitting is fine, a number of JSON flags have been added to the system to facilitate this kind of thing, and most of the low-hanging fruit has already been “picked”.

What is left is mostly clothing that would be partially compromised by being altered to fit various mutated anatomies. See Thoughts on Mutation for an outline of what we could support going forward. Basically, mutations need entries indicating how clothing fitted for them would be impacted, (i.e. reduced protection, coverage, warmth, storage and/or increased encumbrance). After re fitting, an article of clothing would have those penalties attacked, as well as flags indicating that they now can fit over various mutated anatomies.

Have fun.

Well, thanks, this helps.

I don’t understand. what prevents to take measurements for sewing and then to them to sew what is necessary?
ok. i think to take measurements need - let say - 10 lvl of sewing.
but in the armors is maybe receipt “take measurements” which give character piece of paper where scribed all the sizes of bodyparts named “measurements”. this item maybe used in sewing. which way? i do not know. i do not developer of the game. may be some sort of trigger.
for balance this item can not be produced but only byed from some NPC which can do measurements. i do not know. maybe any NPC when you have 10 lvl of sewing get function in their menu "measure"
what you say, All?

What is stopping you is the game doesn’t have a system for this. One option is to mark some mutations as, “requires alteration” instead of “prevents wearing clothes”, then the player could refit the clothing for their needs, and the clothing would get a flag meaning, “refitted for mutation x”.

This would only apply for clothing where this makes sense.