More mutant clothing and ‘Mutant compatibility design’ proficiency

There’s a lot of things that you can’t wear due to particular mutations, however ultimately it doesn’t make much sense that you can’t just modify clothing to allow it. If you can make holes for your neck, arms, and waist, why not just have one extra hole for a tail? Wings? Have a bigger hole on your back.

As a side effect of all this (and balance), they tend to be harder to make, require slightly different materials, may have less coverage, etc.

Due to how inherently different compensating for various types of mutated anatomy is, it might make sense to have a proficiency based off of it. There’s probably a better name for it but something like ‘Mutant Compatibility Design’ should suffice.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that if this is found as an acceptable addition I’ll gladly work on a lot of it myself. I’ll need to remember how to make everything but I know where to look to find everything. The only thing I don’t know how to do is make a new proficiency, so if anyone could do that as well real quick that’d be great. Ultimately, this could be put into a mod if for some reason it’s not considered acceptable into the base game, but that’d be much less ideal and it wouldn’t be quite so supported then.

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Suppose we’ve already talked at length about this in a seperate thread but I hope this goes well. Nothing has been done with the mutation/tailoring interaction for a very long time as best I can tell and it’s about time those silly catchall XL’s got seperated into more sensible and specialized gear.

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Well, I don’t know if I can specify making something compatible with specific types of mutations, but I certainly can make it less of a generic catchall scenario.

For example, there could be Heavy Mutant Armor, a variant of Heavy Survivor Armor. It might cost a bit less overall in terms of materials because it has a hole in the back for a tail or wings. However this means that it would have less coverage as a side effect.

A lot of mutation trees have a tail so honestly tail specific ones would atleast get a lot of use. Lizard, raptor, fish, beast, lupine, feline, cattle, rat, mouse, and chimera. Bird doesn’t for some reason but probably should have one as well. That’s 10, should be 11 trees out of the 21 serums I believe so 50% of mutants will need one. Adding holes should probably be a tailor kit mod for non crafted equipment too.

Having some full sealed mutant limb stuff as well that cost extra resources would be nice too. Adding an extra sleeve that’s closed at the end for the tail.

Sorry if I shouldn’t be @ ing you like this @kevin.granade but I’m not sure who else to ask specifically and I don’t want to work on this without confirmation that it could fit within the base game. So far only one person commented on it and they clearly don’t have any contributor tag so it probably wouldn’t really count. If I shouldn’t @ you again like this, just tell me, and I won’t, I wasn’t sure whether this was valid to do or not.

Given that I don’t play mutants and probably won’t unless there is more control over the process, I haven’t commented. However, I don’t feel like changing/designing items for unusual anatomies should require any special skills beyond being good at tailoring, and thus at making designs fitting a target individual. Some things might require additional thought, such as e.g. a tail that doesn’t basically act like an arm, but is used to either attack or grasp with, in which case those special usages would have to be accounted for.

Similarly, boots for hooves shouldn’t be fundamentally different from boots for feet, although you might have to add something to tightening the top if there’s a risk for it sliding off, and you might want to make the boots steel shod (in the human sense, not the horse one) to add a little extra something the kick attacks.

Given that there are a limited number of mutations, it ought to be possible to make JSON designs adapted to most anatomical peculiarities, possibly with them hidden behind display switch that’s off by default to avoid cluttering the list, and providing switches for the mutations you need (if companions have different ones).

Some things don’t make sense, such as wearing mouth protection and still allowing bite attacks, so that kind of coverage would have to disable the special attack (which I guess would need coding support).

Note that these are comments from another nobody, so just treat them as such.

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