Clothing for mutants past the threshold?

First, I understand that mutants with their weird bodies not being able to wear clothing is a balance trade off for all the perks you are getting. Be it gas masks or armoured pants. But has anyone tried making a mod or addition of armour and utility clothing wearable by mutated survivors ? With the setback that it would require high skills in fabrication and tailoring to make. After all if we can make a full suit of plate armour or sew together a whole catalogue of clothing then surely at a skill of 8 or 10 we could make adjustments so that someone with a muzzle or deformed legs could also wear that stuff right ? If not then at least modified versions that would provide similar benefits.


One reason is that the game still has a limited support for mutated body parts. Until very recently, a body consisted of torso, 2 legs, 2 arms and a head, with tails and whatnot not really “existing” on a body part level. The system has recently been refined to contain sub limb locations, such as parts of the feet (and the feet themselves), but mutant parts are still not present.
There is still work being done to adapt existing clothing to support sub locations properly, but it seems there is an intention to support new body locations, which should probably include “warped” existing locations.

A gas mask that could be used by a mutant with a weirdly shaped snout isn’t out of the realm of the possible, given that there were gas masks for horses during world war I.

Armor for a rigidish tail (one with vertebrae) would be tricky to make, but probably not impossible, although making such armor that retained any abilities such a tail had probably would be very hard.


Although they are making clothing for these kinds of things as shown by stuff like tentacle sleeves and stockings. There is also XL size clothes for bigger mutants ( although no XS for smol bois). So maybe they’ll develop stuff like tail armor or “wing covers”, to make sure your wings dont break, also they may even add wings to the limb system or at least they should.


It’s pretty comforting to hear that it’s a feature being worked on. Even if it took away the additional attacks of body parts (Which would be ofc understandable as they’re being covered up) it’d be nice to make some proper armour for full mutant characters, make them more viable late game without having to really mess around with layers upon layers of clothing to get some decent protection

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