Thoughts on Mutation

So recently Klomvp started a thread on Bionics and while typing a response to his thoughts on the Cybernetics system and conflicting with mutations it got me thinking about the Mutations system and while both the Bionics and Mutations systems could probably stand to get some work done (and possibly some new stuff…) Klomvp’s thread is about Bionics, this’ll be about Mutations. You can read his thread HERE (Following in his footsteps I’m gonna try and make this a bit more reading friendly than my usual long-winded threads.)

[size=12pt]Mutations and Self[/size]
Currently, the mutations system is more or less a random chance of gaining any mutation at any time. As you mutate towards one tier of mutations the chances of mutating further in that direction increase. This system is wonderful but as I understand it every mutation in that direction only adds one “weight” in that tier, and quite a few of the mutations are shared among the various tiers. Other mutations are something of a stepping stone to other mutations but without their weight can result in mutation in a different direction. What I suggest is having different weights for different mutations (if it’s not already implemented?) as well as a handful of “Filler” mutations to cover the overlap most of the mutations have currently. (I’ll make a spoiler hidden list at the bottom as for the ideas I have for new various mutations and their effects)

Another thing worth mentioning in this first section is a handful of the starting traits are also mutations, currently taking them doesn’t set you up for that tier of mutation. Personally, I find this to be a balance vs (and you’re going to laugh) realism issue. Mutation happens over an extremely long time naturally, however it’s not unreasonable to assume there are existing ‘seeds’ in a relatively normal human for future mutation. What I’m suggesting here is removing the ignore factor on traits as well as making purifier work on “also mutation” traits.

[size=12pt]Mutations and Clothing[/size]
Currently a great deal of mutations conflict with clothing in one way or another, destroying it, making it unable to be worn by the player, or causing issues. It’s not unreasonable to assume that some of these articles of clothing could be modified by someone with reasonable tailoring skill to work with your mutation.

Gloves for example, currently Talons, Claws, etc all cause you to be unable to wear even fingerless gloves (I think someone suggested this particularly fixed awhile back but I haven’t had a chance to check these two recently.) I don’t see why gloves can’t be modified to allow your hands to be warm while the talons are exposed. Webbed Hands are a bit trickier but I fairly confident you can have hand coverage with these as well. A handful of magnates added at a certain point in the gloves, while uncomfortable, should work.

Horns currently either block you from wearing some headwear or headwear that isn’t made of Fabric. To an extent this is true, Headwear designed for a (normal) human won’t work too well on a human with horns. That said with some (fairly invasive in some cases) modifications headwear could be modified to fit over or around horns, antennae, whathaveyou. Pointed Horns would just require a pair of holes drilled into your headwear of choice as large as the largest point in your horns, same for Antennae, Curled horns are considerably more tricky, but still fairly solvable, a pair of long holes that you could pull the helmet over would be required as well as some kind of strap to keep it on your head. That said, cutting those holes into the helmet would noticeable remove it’s protective capability and possibly require it’s own item rather than some kind of ‘mutation compatible’ tag.

Tails and Clothing are tricky. The Stubby tail is what it says on the tin, Stubby. You could probably wear pants comfortably with no modification. The “Long tail” which is based off a cat would (presumably) be half as long as you are tall, being a thin tail you could probably just cut a hole in your pants and stick it through the hole, no gameplay impact here either. The Fluffy Tail might require a special strap added that’s buttoned down (or something similar) on the other side of your tail, again being cat-based it’d be about half as long as you are tall. The Spiked Tail is where things start getting tricky; you’d need the tail strap here but because it’s bulky and hard it’d complicate driving (in a non-saddle seat) the question is do we assume the PC makes the necessary modifications to their chair (a hole from one edge to a little past the middle, trust me I’ve looked into and had to draw this kinda shit.) or do we make a driving penalty? (The Long, Fluffy, and Stumpy tails could all be either easily put aside or not need any adjustment, the Tail Fin would complicate things.) The “Club Tail” mutation would presumably work in the same manner as the Long tail but be a bit more bulky and in the same situation as the spiked tail.
Lastly, the Tail Fin. This is probably the most complicated out of all of them for one reason, it’s a bit more open to interpretation than any of the other tails. It could be seen as a fish-like tail, but that wouldn’t look exactly look right on a human, or be something akin to a dolphin’s tail (elongated and ending in a fin) Either way it’d require significant pants modification as well as driving complication.

Wings are another confusing situation. Wing Stubs wouldn’t really have a major gameplay effect, maybe make wearing backpacks unforgettable but that’s about it. All other wings present two problems: Armor and Backpacks. You cannot wear a backpack over wings (Well you could but it wouldn’t really work too well, incredibly uncomfortable as well as encumbering.) Clothing over wings is fairly simple, just a hole (akin to sleeves) but armor is different. You can’t armor a wing and have it do it’s job, that said with some wings (not insect wings) you might be able to specifically armor them and use them as something akin to a shield. It’s a bit absurd though, in all honesty it’s probably easier just to stick them in an armored box and leave them alone.

Beaks and Snouts, really anything that protrudes outward further than the human nose complicates any kind of mouth or face coverage, that said in most cases it’s fairly simple to fix, though it’d affect one’s ability to talk easily. Fabric clothing should be able to be worn over these things without any extra effort, hard things (Gas Mask, Survivor Mask, Filter Mask, Ballistic Mask, etc) would require significant modification.

Non-human ears complicate helmets, soft ears wouldn’t have too much an effect but anything harder (even slightly) than a human ear would require modification of some kind to hard objects before they could be worn over the non-human ear.

Tentacles are complicated and simple at the same time, you’d probably be able to pin cloth to them for warmth but that’s about it. (Wrap a rag around a tentacle and then use a safety pin to ‘lock’ it in place.

Footwear over Hooves and the other foot-mutations are slightly complicated. I don’t really know how to fix any of these issues, or if it’s even possible. Though I do have an amusing mental image of a player sitting by a metalworking setup forging horseshoes for themselves. XD

Skin-based mutations basically amount to having to refit your clothing, you could probably get away with not having to modify them further past (fits) Quills and Spines however could probably stand to be reworked so that as long as the player isn’t wearing hard clothing they should work, in theory if they’re hard/sharp enough to hurt an opponent they’re hard enough to pierce your clothing.

[size=12pt]Mutations and NPCs[/size]
Currently, Mutations have no effect on NPCs. And I’m aware NPCs are rather buggy at the moment, but I felt what I have here was worth mentioning. NPCs should be able to be affected by mutation, those affected by mutation should (probably) be a bit more open minded towards other mutants. (Though it could be fairly amusing to find a self-hating mutated NPC, or one seeking Purifier) Beyond that, most if not all the mutations currently carry assorted flags that affect NPC interaction. I’m fine with this, it should stay. That said, it might be nice if NPCs had a bit of variation (Some being more tolerant/accepting of mutants than others)

[Size=12pt]Mutations and World[/size]
As it stands there are only a handful of mutations that affect how you interact with the world, specifically how you move through it. I feel there should be a handful of mutations that affect your resistance to electrical damage, fire damage, chemicals, as well as a few that reduce the effects of rough terrain, I’ll elaborate more at the end of the post.

[Size=12pt]Mutations and Your New Limbs[/size]
Currently, your new limbs don’t affect your overall ‘hit area’ or warmth. I’m not certain if it’s possible to code it at all, but Tails and extra limbs would likely require clothing of their own to keep you warm.

[Size=12pt]Mutations and Dreams[/size]
Currently there’s a dream system in place for mutations, more or less these “dreams” are nightmares, some seem that they’re supposed to be so jarring that they’d wake the player. Why don’t they? On a related note if this is implemented I’d love to see the dreams affect morale, more as the dreams get ‘worse’ that said, a trait that makes the player less likely to receive a morale drop, or an increased one. See below for explanation.

[Size=12pt]New Mutation, and Trait Ideas[/size]

[spoiler]Thick Tail (Visibility 8, Ugly 2) [Lizard]
“You have a long, thick tail. Like that of a lizard. It improves your balance slightly, making it easier to dodge but it’s size makes it a more effective weapon.”
+2 Dodge, +Bash Attack

Wolf Muzzle (Visibility 8, Ugly 4) [Beast]
"Your face has reformed into a muzzle. It’s a little fearsome and makes wearing face and eyewear difficult."
Need to modify clothing to continue wearing face and eyewear.

Bovine Snout (Visibility 8, Ugly 6) [Cattle]
"Your face has reformed into a cow-like snout. It’s damaged your looks and makes wearing things on your face and eyes difficult."
Need to modify clothing to continue wearing face and eyewear.

Red Eyes (Visibility 4, Ugly 8, Trust -2) [Troglobite]
"The whites of your eyes have turned red, other than making you look considerably less trustworthy they have no effect."
Weaker form of Terrifying?

Rectangular Pupils (Visibility 6, Ugly 4) [Cattle]
“Your Pupils have reshaped into a rectangular shape, similar to a goat. It has no effect on your vision but is weird to look at”

Snake Eyes (Visibility 6, Ugly 4) [Lizard]
"Your Pupils have reshaped into slits, similar to a snake’s. It has no effect on your vision but people might look at you weird."
Same as Red Eyes, just a filler mutation

Fruiting Branches (Visibility 10, Ugly 6) [Plant] [Requires Leaves]
“Your branches seem to be bearing fruit. The colorful flowers are exceptionally noticeable but you occasionally produce edible fruits”

Accepting (Cost 2) (Needs a better name XD)
“The world is changing, you might as well change too. Less prone to morale loss from mutation dreams.”

(Cost 4)
“Your grip on your humanity is pretty loose, Chance for small morale boost from mutation dreams or from mutating.”

(Cost -2)
“You’re terrified at the thought of losing your humanity. Mutation nightmares affect you greatly, as does mutation.”

Bat Tier
Bat Wings, Nearsighted, Echolocation, Fangs, Insanely Perceptive, Disease Resistant, Lightly Furred, Light Bones, Very Light Sensitive, Badly Deformed

"You occasionally let out a nearly silent call, allowing you to make out your surroundings by listening for the sound bouncing off objects. Allowing you to make out your surroundings even in total darkness, like a submarine."

Naga Tier (Bare with me here. Snake was the original idea but you kinda need your arms… And legs really, but I’ll get to this…)
Serpentine Lower Body, Scales, Fangs, Poisonous, Poison Resistant, Insanely Dextrous, Badly Deformed, Very Heat Dependent, Forked Tongue

Serpentine Lower Body (Visibility 12, Ugly 8)
“Your Legs and most of your body below your stomach have shifted into a massive snake-like tail. While it makes moving over railings, windows, and climbing ropes and ladders almost impossible your ability to move over rubble or otherwise unsafe ground has been greatly improved as well as slightly improving your swimming ability. It also makes wearing shoes or pants impossible.”
+1 Swimming, Double Time required to move through Windows, Railings, and over non-aisle car parts. No penalty for moving through rubble, brush, or mounds of dirt. Protection from moving though scrap. All damage done to any Leg area is distributed evenly to both “Leg” areas. Restricts the player’s legwear to Dresses and socks


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Ahh, the mutations… my shield is disgust, my sword is hatred e.t.c. e.t.c.
On the relationships - insane amounts of mutations(or highly visible ones) must force people to take you on the gun-point or even shoot you on sight.

Interesting ideas. I haven’t had the time to hack together an upgrade to the mutation files, but I’ve been planning one, and I’ll take this into consideration.

Re dreams: My taks is that I’m waiting for a morale-acclimation system to land. Thinking that people would get used to their new bodies over time, etc.


[quote=“trusty_patches, post:2, topic:3659”]Ahh, the mutations… my shield is disgust, my sword is hatred e.t.c. e.t.c.
On the relationships - insane amounts of mutations(or highly visible ones) must force people to take you on the gun-point or even shoot you on sight.[/quote]

You’ve never played an insect have you? XD

[spoiler]Oh god I'm scared.[/spoiler]
Tentacles are complicated and simple at the same time
Planned is separate wielding for left and right hands.

Increase tentacle-arm/hand penalties, implement additional “wield” slots.

Not much else that popped into my mind after reading through all that, I think you covered pretty much everything.

Just throwing ideas around…

When you have new limb(s), the craft page should automatically unlock some basic clothing for mutated body parts. For example a simple detachable sleeve for your new tentacle limb or a reinforced steel ringmail (complex crafting) for your tail (penalize movement and driving but add extra protection)

Regarding health of any added body part, the simple way is too group them all into an existing body part, for example a tail goes to torso, a tentacle goes to right/left arm depend on the position, an antenna goes to head. Or we can have a additional tab in the Character information screen to show condition for those parts.

The only things I disagree with are the various bad appearance mutations, or at least just their social penalties; dog faced or cow faced, red eyes or snake eyes, you’re just as hideous of a freak either way. Otherwise, these ideas are quite solid.

The mutation system is extensible, but still kinda lacking. I like how it is open to interpretation, but this makes it seem more ‘logical’ to me, as well as making it more than just a “get feathers/extremely strong/whatever” for statboosts

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Damn you EkarusRyndren, for making me wish for lycantropy. Your ideas were brilliant.
I’m just not into the whole Naga lore. Sure, she stands on her tail - either way it’s supernatural for a snake. It’s just not as easy for any other type of lizard with extremities, and many move with their necks to the ground; so there are possibilities. And there’s also the darned scary centipede, that you kill one segment at a time in so many videogames. :slight_smile:
+1 however on “If you wanna be a cowboy, you get to be the real cowboy” snout-biz. :stuck_out_tongue:

…The snout business was personal taste to an extent and I noticed a lot of the mutation trees share mutations, some, like the Insect and Spider tree share so many that you can safely combine the two of them without too much concern. I’d give a complete list but the Wiki is down at the moment. As bad as it sounds there probably could use a handful of “flavor” mutations that serve no purpose beyond adding visibility and evening out the odds of mutating in a specific direction.

Edit: It’s back up, here comes the list. Said list is just a list of the mutations and points into each ‘tier’ the mutations give. Any mutation without a “tier” will be in the “none” tier. To my knowledge, anything over 3 points in any tier starts the dreams.

Lizard (Total Mutations 14) : Lizard 11 Spider 5 Beast 3 Bird 2 Chealopod 2 Fish 2 Insect 2 Troglobite 2 Cattle 1 Plant 1 Slime 1 Rat 1 None 1
Bird (Total Mutations 15): Bird 8 None 8 Chealopod 2 Lizard 1 Spider 1 Slime 1
Fish (Total Mutations 12): Fish 12 Slime 4 Lizard 4 Chealopod 4 Beast 3 Insect 2 Rat 2 Cattle 1 Troglobite 1
Beast (Total Mutations 22): Beast 16 None 6 Rat 4 Fish 3 Lizard 3 Cattle 3 Slime 3 Insect 2 Rat 2 Spider 2 Plant 1 Rat 1
Cattle (Total Mutations 13): Cattle 9 None 3 Beast 3 Rat 2 Spider 1 Fish 1 Chealopod 1 Insect 1 Lizard 1 Plant 1
Insect (Total Mutations 19): Insect 13 None 6 Fish 2 Lizard 2 Spider 2 Slime 2 Beast 1 Rat 1 Troglobite 1 Cattle 1 Chealopod 1 Beast 1
Plant (Total Mutations 10): Plant 8 None 2 Slime 1 Troglobite 1 Beast 1 Lizard 1 Cattle 1
Slime (Total Mutations 22): Slime 18 Fish 4 None 3 Beast 3 Rat 3 Troglobite 2 Chealopod 2 Lizard 2 Insect 2 Plant 1 Spider 1
Troglobite (Total Mutations 13): Troglobite 10 Spider 4 Slime 4 None 3 Lizard 2 Insect 1 Plant 1 Fish 1 Chealopod 1
Chealopod (Total Mutations 11): Chealopod 11 Fish 4 Troglobite 2 Slime 2 Bird 2 Lizard 1 Cattle 1 Insect 1 Spider 1
Spider (Total Mutations 14): Spider 11 Lizard 4 Insect 3 Beast 3 None 2 Chealopod 2 Rat 2 Cattle 1 Slime 1 Bird 1
Rat (Total Mutations 12): Rat 11 Beast 5 Slime 3 Fish 2 Cattle 2 None 1 Insect 1 Lizard 1 Spider 1

Looking at this list, it’s obvious some mutations are worth more than others in the “points” towards that tier or else you’d be dreaming of several tiers at once. That said if you were to take a gallon of mutigen you would be more likely to end up with either the Beast or Slime tier mutations, Slime having the less “none” category mutations would be the more likely of the two, but not by much. Meanwhile the least likely is Plant. Balance-wise there’s little sense here, the Beast and Slime tiers have “Insane” level boosts, and only one of them comes with a fairly impressive downside.

The tier specific mutagens negate this of course, but that’s another balance issue all together. That said form a… I don’t want to say “realism” so believability standpoint, the two ‘most likely’ mutations… actually make sense… Sorta. So yeah, another long winded explanation.

Edit Edit: It’s worth mentioning the info on the Wiki seems to be… if only slightly… out of date. So there’s that too.

  1. Mutations aren’t some sort of magic, but actually have lore behind them to explain why they happen so quickly. This is also the reason why starting traits don’t weight for future mutations. Mutations are the ooze in your body reacting to radiation. They don’t weight because the ooze makes its decisions based on what it’s already done.
  2. Being able to have mutations have different weights in different categories might be a nice low-hanging fruit.
  3. We do have some plans to eventually add in some more basic “hand wrap”, etc. clothing that can be worn no matter how mutated you are. It might also be worth it to eventually look into some sort of “modified” flag that allows you to wear it regardless, but that would take a bit more work.
  4. Mutations/NPC’s: Definitely planned, but we need to basically rewrite NPC’s from the ground up to fix everything that’s wrong with them. Once that happens mutations will definitely have an effect in your relationships with them.
  5. Limbs/Mutations: Maybe eventually, but at the moment it’s a lot of work for very little reward. A sizeable chunk of the game’s code relies on the fact that the player has 6 limbs/hp zones, and a lot of that would need to be changed/reworked to factor in for additional limbs. At the moment it’s just assumed that they are an unmentioned part of whatever body part they are attached to/replace.
  6. Right now the dreams are more just simple flavor than anything else. Eventually we could certainly look into expanding it into a more rebust and encompassing dram system.

Mutation ideas:
Definitely some interesting ones in there.

Well, I’d been looking for a cross-reference list for a while. Dreams are strongest category only–that’s their point.

Wiki’s outdated because the devs work so fast that trying to maintain it 9at least for my part) became completely unrewarding.

Thanks much.

It may just be easier to add to the specific mutations a to-hit modifier. EG with tentacle arms it becomes harder to hit the ‘arms’ but when it does they take extra damage. (Smaller limbs would be harder to hit but have less health right?) As for a tail that’s different because the torso is a “kill” location but if your tail is lopped off, you’ll live with proper medical attention. I don’t know how to have the tail effect the player because while a stubby tail wouldn’t affect them much, hell a long tail wouldn’t, a thick tail, fish tail, or even the stinger and club tails would need to be kept warm or you risk frostbite, or at the very least a cold behind.

As far as mutation ideas are concerned I’ll type something up here in a bit and post it later, I’ve got some more ideas XD

[size=12pt]Bat Tier Mutations[/size]
Bat Wings, Nearsighted, Echolocation, Fangs, Insanely Perceptive, Disease Resistant, Lightly Furred, Light Bones, Very Light Sensitive, Badly Deformed

Bat Mutigen Requires Regular Meat

[size=12pt]Naga Tier Mutations[/size]
Serpentine Lower Body, Scales, Fangs, Poisonous, Poison Resistant, Insanely Dextrous, Badly Deformed, Very Heat Dependent, Forked Tongue, Beautiful, Scales, Plate Scale

Naga Mutigen Requires Regular Meat

[size=12pt]Unspeakable Horror Tier[/size]
Acidic Blood, Heavy Bones, Exposed Bone, Bone Spear, Insanely Strong, Claws, Curled Horns, Sores, Club Tail, Very Quick Pain Recovery, Grotesque, Terrifying, Disintegration, Carnivorous Recovery, Tainted, Carnivore, High Thirst, Fast Metabolism, Screamer, Snarling Voice

Unspeakable Horror Mutigen Requires Bone and Tainted Meat, possibly higher level Cooking

Plate Scale (Requires Scales) (Visibility 12, Ugly 8) [Naga] [Lizard]
“Starting under your Chin and running down your neck, torso, and stomach are plate like scales that provide a great deal of protection to these locations while restricting movement slightly.”
+5 Cut Protection +2 Bash Protection +1 Encumberance to Torso

Heavy bones [Unspeakable Horror]
“Your bones are heavier, probably thicker as well. The added bulk makes your limbs harder to damage but your thick bones restrict your movement considerably.”
-1 Dexterity, +20 HP to all sections

Exposed Bone (Requires Heavy Bones) (Visibility 12, Ugly 12) [Unspeakable Horror]
“A great deal of the bones in your body are exposed, forming a horrifying if protective armor.”
+4 Bash Protection +4 Cut Protection

Bone Spear (Requires Exposed Bone) (Visibility 12, Ugly 12) [Unspeakable Horror]
"Extending from your arms are long, spear like bones that look like something out of a horror film. They could be easily used as weapons when you’re not holding anything."
Strong Peirce Attack

Carnivorous Recovery [Unspeakable Horror]
"Your body can directly process nutrients from meat to help you heal."
What it says on the tin.

Tainted [Unspeakable Horror]
"Tainted Meat (and Vegetables) no longer affect you, and for some reason you find yourself hungry more often."
What it says on the tin

Acidic Blood [Unspeakable Horror]
"Like something out of a Science Fiction film your blood, when spilled produces an acidic compound that eats though just about everything."
Spitter style bleeding, immunity to acid. Mostly a reference to Alien and it seems to fit. Might be amusing to tack it onto the Jabberwock.

[Size=12pt]Mutant Clothes[/size]
Basic ones could be ‘learned’ as your tailoring skill goes up and after you’ve mutated so much as once. More advanced ones might require… Improvised learning from books, or not. Could prove amusing regardless.

Furry Sketchbook
"A sketchbook filled with assorted drawings and doodles of anthropomorphic creatures. While some are naked most of them are clothed and a skilled tailor might be able to make clothing for mutants from some of these ideas."
Tailor Skill required 6, Does not teach Tailoring. Comes with advanced mutant tailor recipes.

Mutant Clothing Flag
Not it’s own article, but something akin to the existing (fits) tag. Any clothing with this tag would negate an encumberance penality from wearing clothes designed for normal humans with mutant appendages.

"A Simple sock of sorts to keep your tail warm."
What it says on the tin, requires any tail but “stubby” learned automatically. Sock stats.

Mutant One-Piece
"An article of clothing worn by lab test subjects. The nametag says “Bob” but it’s been crossed out and someone has written “Herbert” over it. It has been custom made to provide a degree of decency to test subjects."
Found on dead human corpses in labs, learned automatically. Jumpsuit Stats.

Mutant Battle Helmet
"A specially designed helmet with special consideration for your mutations in mind."
Army Helmet that’s been modified. Learned from the Sketchbook. Requires Fabrication Knowledge

Lobster Tail Armor
"A Kevlar Vest that’s been modified with a ‘tail’ of plates going down the front and back providing moderate if encumbering protection to the tail."
Modified Kevlar Vest, requires 8 to 16 extra kevlar plates. Learned from Sketchbook. Requires Fabrication Knowledge

Segmented Plate Tail Armor
"A cluster of Small Kevlar Plates, arranged to allow movement while providing the maximum protection to your tail."
Requires 40 Kevlar Plates. Learned From Sketchbook. Requires Fabrication Knowledge.

"A solid chunk of armor worn over the wings and used as a shield. While cumbersome it allows for a moderate block."
+2 to dodge? Requires 20 Scrap. Learned From Sketchbook. Requires Fabrication Knowledge.

Horse Shoes
"A metal ring nailed into your hooves allowing you to move faster."
The need for shoes shouldn’t really be removed with the Hooves mutation, this would be a “shoe” for hooves. Learned from a Fabrication book, not the sketchbook. Requires Moderate Fabrication

Mutant Gasmask
"A gasmask that’s been modified to allow for a snout, muzzle, or any other face-related mutation that might block the proper usage of a gas mask."
Gasmasks are a pain in the ass normally, a specialized mask is required. Learned from Sketchbook. Requires Fabrication Knowledge.


Me likey

To solve the wing-backpack problem, you could just wear the backpack on your front. This is always how I have assumed Cataclysm characters were able to wear 2 backpacks.

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[quote=“EkarusRyndren, post:13, topic:3659”]Furry Sketchbook
"A sketchbook filled with assorted drawings and doodles of anthropomorphic creatures. While some are naked most of them are clothed and a skilled tailor might be able to make clothing for mutants from some of these ideas."
Tailor Skill required 6, Does not teach Tailoring. Comes with advanced mutant tailor recipes.[/quote]

I cracked up… Maybe give one to the Otaku class when starting the game? though that would make them more of “Internet Denizens”

[quote=“Luissen, post:16, topic:3659”][quote=“EkarusRyndren, post:13, topic:3659”]Furry Sketchbook
"A sketchbook filled with assorted drawings and doodles of anthropomorphic creatures. While some are naked most of them are clothed and a skilled tailor might be able to make clothing for mutants from some of these ideas."
Tailor Skill required 6, Does not teach Tailoring. Comes with advanced mutant tailor recipes.[/quote]

I cracked up… Maybe give one to the Otaku class when starting the game? though that would make them more of “Internet Denizens”[/quote]

…Though it would explain the tail and ears. [size=1pt]I WOULD HOWEVER LIKE TO TAKE A MOMENT TO POINT OUT WE’RE NOT ALL COMPLETELY DAFT- …Just a little.[/size]

And you can also add a tail-buttplug in the game so you can stre… uhm, learn to use the tail. Yup.

Now you’re just being insulting. XD

Is it possible for a man to jump over the shark by writing hilarious shit about furries?