In which my displeasure toward developer behaviors are stated

So, I opened github this morning to check what had changed during the night and found something that, at least for me, was deeply preoccupying on this specific pull request: Reinstates Dinosaur Suit. First of, let me clearly state that what I am criticizing IS NOT THE ADDITION OF THE DINOSAUR SUIT, I really cant care less about the item, what bothers me is the motivation behind it and the process by which it got merged.

Every single pull request that is made is supposed to be evaluated by one of the main developers before the merging can occur; this as far as I am concerned, is a system put in place not only in order to minimize bugs that enter the code, but also to review if truly the change in question follows the scope and flavor of the game. Now, at least for me, what happened in there is a blatant violation of this rule; I consider that merging a superficial item or feature requested by yourself is under no circumstances different from pushing your own code; and apparently, the need to clearly state so is evident.

Frankly, and perhaps this is something I shouldn’t say, what bothers me the most are Rivet’s attitudes towards this. I fail to see how the way in which Rivet behaved are different from the ways of a troll; as at least under my point of views and judging from her comment; its clear that she asked for and merged this item with the sole purpose of infuriating those who she believes to be wrong; action that which by the way, also forces us to agree with her behaviors by the sole fact of we downloading the game, and I will also dare to say that at least for me, this is a clear abuse of her merging permission. Do we really think those are the attitudes or the way in which one of the main devs should behave? I think the answer is a clear no.

And I truly want to ask to the other main developers: If those type of behaviors are allowed to remain?
I sincerely hope that not, and also hope they do something about it.

…I really don’t know why we need a dino suit.

Realism? Maybe.

FunsizeNinja: Because Rivet is never wrong, duhhhh.

Seriously though, John’s more or less on the money here. inb4 the utterly predictable head in the sand tactic of “go edit the .jsons then” which frankly misses the entire point of the problem.

Wait, what?

Goes to look at PR

Realizes that Rivet was the one who wanted it

Now we’re gonna have survivor dino suits

IIRC it was GlyphGryph who came up with the dinosaur suit.

Hmmm, allow me be the first to say:


Totally in favor of the people who actually put work into a free game in their own time using their art to do a little subtle counter troll work.
If you put in the work, you have the right to raise a middle finger once in a while. Frankly I believe that if you put in the work you have the right to wave every damn bit of the human body that is waveable at whatever offends you. If it had of been me I probably would have removed all items of clothing that a self respecting furry wouldnt yip in and left it like that for a month. Im quite impressed with the restraint shown.

Oh, come on. I mean, i really did not understand a thing about what you said, it was a bit complicated to read. But the the thing we need to understand is that we are a community, and we shouldn’t keep throwing things ones to others.
OK, now, rereading it, i got it. Well, it was, more or less, a childish behaviour, and we need to start to do things in the right way now. Why you just don’t talk? Open a topic, discuss, that is what we need to do.
You people are damn older than me. Make your behaviour be corresponding your age!

However, on the other side, without taking this in consideration, Rivet is a good dev, always bringing new content into the game. She has a lot of respect in this community. If she would have made a topic here, i could say that it could have been alot better.


Did you guys even bothered to read the second sentence?
I really do not give a shit about the furry thing, and even if I did why would I continue to argue about it?

Really the fact that people will lash that way against me because I dare to complain is sickening, it is true that this is a free game, product of the dedication of a lot of different people, but that wont remove my right to complain against behaviors that I think are out of place and doesn’t makes the opinion of a fan any less important.

Tell me, cant we be mature and just let the conflicts go away, is it really necessary to immortalize every single conflict we have on the forums introducing by blatant take that’s? Should someone submit an item that mocks me because I am sharing my opinion?

And at least if you say yes the person who merged them should take enough care not to state that the item is just a take that toward “haters” it really just gives a very immature impression of the guys with merging permission, and is not funny or productive under any definition of the word.

And yess Rivet has put a lot of dedication into the game, and yes she has added a lot of good things into the game, not acknowledging that would be stupid, but that doesn’t justifies that behavior. And perhaps i am being a little too blunt, but if I have learned something from arguing in the internet, is that taking a middleman approach to any discussion is the perfect way to be ignored.

Well this just proves I was right all along.

The furries are taking this game down a terrible route and alienating normal people.

I agree with you. It was very inmature. We can’t start to throw things, as i said. She had to open a topic to say what she tought, like you did.

[quote=“ChristopherWalken, post:9, topic:4580”]Well this just proves I was right all along.

The furries are taking this game down a terrible route and alienating normal people.[/quote]

Would you mind to stop mentioning furries the discussion in here has nothing to do with that. If you want to bash furries Christopher please do that on your own thread.

[quote=“John Candlebury, post:11, topic:4580”][quote=“ChristopherWalken, post:9, topic:4580”]Well this just proves I was right all along.

The furries are taking this game down a terrible route and alienating normal people.[/quote]

Would you mind to stop mentioning furries the discussion in here has nothing to do with that. If you want to bash furries Christopher please do that on your own thread.[/quote]

How is it irrelevant?
You stated it yourself that it’s “them” who are purposefully ruining the game out of spite.

Killing this thread before things get ugly may be the smart thing to do.

snort So says the guy who spent his last two posts trolling the shit out of it.

“Here, I’m going to take a piss all over this thread, then bitch and moan because it smells like piss!”

That… makes perfect sense, yeah.

I dont think this thread is getting ugly.

If anything you are the one trying you hardest to get a flamewar stated. You are the one who posted the picture and started your argument by laughing at me.

And it would really dissapoint me if someone where to close this thread because its a “flame war” attempt, I believe I have been reasonable in my replies so far. Really, cant I express my concerns toward the actions of the developers?

Well I made my point, you made yours.
He made his, weak as it may be.

I think we wait for the “higher powers” to drop into the conversation now.

So a somewhat related point that I don’t want to stick in its own thread:

Why does Cata: DDA have such an awful forum culture?

This forum draws an amount of drama and spite that forums ten times its’ size usually don’t pull. What gives? Are we just a bunch of autistic sperglords that really are that much worse than any other group on the internet? Is the inconsistent (I don’t want to say “almost nonexistant”, but that’s what it feels like) moderation to blame? Something structural? We’re not using a karma or thumbs up system, I don’t see how that last one could be the case…

Seems like the normal result of sticking two groups who really hate each other together.

Aside from that conflict I don’t see any real issues.
You had LazyCat who was an abrasive and terribly handled kiddo, but that’s over.

I honestly think you’re focusing too much on the Furry Wars. Yes, the furries were really obnoxious about cramming their fetish into everything and vanilla folks were way too reactive and hateful in response, but that’s not half of what’s wrong with this forum. Like, even before the very first furry content was added to the game, this forum had a terrible and hostile culture.

I mean, look. I can get a better quality of conversation with less insults and more reasoned argumentation from goddamn 4chan than I can from here on some days. You probably know as well as I do how rare it is on here to see two people work towards a common middle ground in their argument. (It’s never exactly common in any situation, granted, but it’s almost mythical on this forum.)

I say we should ignore all this drama and get to fixing NPC’s, so we can have badass faction wars! The BrotherHood of Obsidian vs The Netherworlders!