Non-developers posting comments on github

This is a question for developers. There are some excellent discussions on github. I work as a DBA and I can read C code (well sort of), but writing it would be a long learning curve. Been messing with it some, but not ready to contribute code. My code would be buggy and I would just get in the way. Are you guys ok if I make a github account and contribute to some of the tech discussions? I am sure you don’t want these to turn into big spam posts.

asking because I don’t want to get in your way. Other than Galenevil who is working full time, the rest of us have jobs and you guys do this as a hobby.

It’s absolutely fine to contribute “just” to the discussions. In fact, if you can read c/c++ and point out issues you notice, “eyes on code” is probably one of our most needed resources. We merge a TON of code, and the more review it gets the better. Even “it’s not clear what this chunk of code does, please explain in a comment” can be valuable, because someone working intently with the code sometimes has trouble noticing when it requires loading half the program into brain-cache to understand it. (yea, I do this a lot, then I can’t even figure out what I did a month later)