Github Issues: It's over 9000/9!

The number of Issue open on github has now surpassed 1,000!!!

Thoughts? Reactions? Pledges to go and resolve some?

EDIT: I’m thinking I might add a list of issues that look easy to tackle here… maybe two; one for coders and one for anyone.

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I have a few days free, I’ll see what I can do about hammering things down a bit, but frankly a ton of these are random wishlist issues that don’t need to be addressed any time soon.

Happy to report that the number of issues are now back to three digits (998) as of 22:25 on Oct. 29th.

For anyone interested in helping these issues have been flagged as having easy fixes or good for first time contributors:

Checked 3.5 hours later and issues are back over 9000 / 9.

Been looking at what I can hammer out. Couple new PRs up and a few more on the way.

This is a serious question, even if it sounds stupid.

Let’s say I wanted to help – I am very noobish with c++, though I see some things that are just JSON or summaries.

Is it worth it to take a crack at the code stuff if it would require someone else to review my work? Or is it better to just let someone more skilled handle it?

I’m not committing to doing anything x_x I might do nothing at all, but I thought I’d ask in case I get a free Saturday or something.

Depends on how likely you would be able to make typos :wink:

I suck at coding. I am of mind to say; if you understand code enough to find fault. At least you can be vocal about what to fix and sometimes put the devs on possible leads to solve an issue. =D

My only experience with c++ is contributing to cataclysm. Generally, looking at other methods in the file will show you how to do things and people are very helpful with reviews and critiques.

It’s always more beneficial for another person to contribute even if they need a lot of support. Plus, you will get better at C++ and be able to contribute more and more in the future.

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If you understand enough to reason about cause and effect and make changes that dont trigger random side effects, and especially if you’re willing to build and test your changes fairly thoroughly, you can definitely contribute.
Its expected that your first few contributions are likely to need some correction, but if you keep at it you can turn that around pretty fast.