Mentor wanted!

So, hi. I am yong developer and I want to enhance my coding skills. I think great way to do this is to contribute to community and find someone who can help me. I got basics in C++ so… Is there someone who will agree to help me?

If you just put together some changes and make pull requests for them on github ( is a great resource if you don’t know how, also there are some step-by-step guides on the forums), people will offer feedback. I’m not trying to discourage anyone from accepting your request, just pointing out an alternative, it’s kind of a crowdsourced mentorship dealy.
There are a few people that might be rude, but the vast majority are happy to help.

Also if you drop in on in #CataclysmDDA a number of the devs hang out there and will usually be happy to help you out.

Thanks! I started to wory that my request was stupid. I’ll try that.

I somewhat familiar with git, but I never worked with other people. I’ts making me a little nervous. =)