Needful things part 2



An explicit “default” value in the options. Default values change as the game developement progress and the players are not aware of the change. This would set the currently used default value to the new game.


The ability to salvage materials from manhole covers.


Functioning aircraft, personal jet pack, and rooftops to travel through horde infested cities while avoiding combat. Certain mutations that have wings could also be of use.

The way I think this could work is by using the new terrain memory feature to show what’s on the ground with an expanded view radius, collision would be turned off for everything other than tall buildings, giving the illusion of flying. Running out of fuel would cause you to crash to the ground, leaving you with multiple wounds like the Helicopter Crash scenario or possible death. Maybe an autopilot function to hover in the sky so you can sleep or craft things in the back.


I’d say most of that is on the todo list (maybe not jetpacks), but the amount of work to implement it all is massive.


Seeing actual aircraft in the game as opposed to just metal debris is already promising. The jetpack could be the CBM equivalent of a mutant’s fully developed wings, or if not CBM could be an attachment to Power Armor.


Actual flying helicopters are surprisingly straightforward, I just don’t want to test them because I have a zillion other things to write and test.


How tough would it be to code something that can very quickly clear large amounts of various rubble piles?


Vehicle scoops are already in the game.


Wouldn’t they have to be sometime after Z-levels get fixed?


Oh! I forgot about those. Really should use them more often for quickly going through craters and stuff to find possible valuables. Thank you.


If you have Z-levels enabled, you can already see an outline of the terrain that’s one level below you. That’s really all you need for a helicopter: is your landing spot free of obstructions or not?

Vehicles can already move through Z-levels via the falling code. A helicopter would need some code to figure it out when it can support itself in the air, and a little more code to figure out when it can rise up in the air. But you can transition an entire helicopter a full Z-level at once, and that matches everyone’s (except maybe actual helicopter pilots) expectations of how helicopters fly.

People scratch built helicopters in the 1930s. Sure, they were low-powered, unreliable, and dangerous. But a low speed, 2 seater helicopter only needs a 200 HP engine and that’s well within CDDA tech.


Oh neato, I thought seeing lower Z-levels was in-progress. Shows how much attention i pay…

Damn, now I want a helicopter.


Don’t forget gyrocopters.


ATM Card Adjustments~

1- Cards by default should have denomination hidden. Access to cards should be “unlockable” via HackPro to allow anyone to use them freely (ATM, vending machines and trading purposes).

2- #1 would make the “pile” of cards concept make more sense. You collect the cards and place in 1 pile until you unlock each of them. Then use an ATM to manage the cash as you see fit.

3- Doing 1 and 2 would provide a sense of realism and effort into getting all those goodies from vending machines instead of just having essentially instant access to every machine after 1 decent card pick up. (how would you know the pin even assuming you knew the denomination??)

Could be implemented as a mod or something for testing purposes and obviously to make sure feedback on the idea is something people will use and/or like. I dig options and people have brought up some valid points to the usage of cards in another thread. Knowing what is on a card is flatly absurd by looking at it; ignoring a stranger being able to use it at all. So even if someone coded the denomination hidden. It would still be logical while making those ATM machines useful again after hacking the card.


With the use of a Hackpro and a E-ink Tablet or Smart Phone, you should be able to just access a banking app at any time, ATMs can be a pain to find at times.

  • Telescopic eyes bionic could give mapping bonus like binoculars do.

  • Weapon modifications could show what modification are completely useless on your gun, Quite many of the modifications do nothing if used together (or on certain guns).


Can’t find the code for it, but I’m pretty sure it already does this.

Can you give an example? Not sure what you’re talking about.


You can put a brass catcher on a crossbow. This was an issue on github that got closed cuz preventing it wasn’t worth the effort.


Huh somehow I hadn’t noticed that the implant alrady did that.

Maybe “many” was too much.
(based on the stats seen in game)

  • Lasers do nothing when used with normal sights.
  • Grips/stocks do nothing on laser rifle (except folding stock. Maybe they will help if it has underbarrel shotgun or something).
  • Iron sights do nothing on anything.


If you mean laser sights, they’re faster to aim with than scopes, so you come to a low level of dispersion faster, then use the sight. Overall it doesn’t make a lot of difference but having one is better than not for close shots.

Technically they still reduce it’s dispersion, but it only has a dispersion value of 10 (which is then divided by 16) so it has less than 1 dispersion ingame, which isn’t shown. The grips will get rid of that invisible bit of dispersion AND will offset any other mods that increase dispersion.

I think they’re for homemade weapons that haven’t got real iron sights. I don’t know of any guns like that, but that might just mean it’s deprecated and doesn’t need to exist anymore.

There’s no realistic reason why you COULDN’T put a brass catcher on a crossbow, but it obviously isn’t going to do anything.
All gunmods say what they do, if you stick something on your gun that isn’t going to have an effect that just means you didn’t read the description.