Needful things part 2



Weapon mods do need to have a display where they show you the changes that will occur when installed, like using the compare item function.
As it is, I have to screenshot the weapon stats, add the mod, then flip back and forth between the screenshot and the current stats to figure out what’s changed.


System would go down. ATMs can be battery powered. ATM would provide balance and the small hack devices would make hacking a legit course for a character so they can use all those cash cards where the lumberjack would only have what he/she had in his own account or what would be bartered by an NPC. NPC could sell one pre-hacked or a card they personally owned. But cards you find off NPC would not be considered opened and same goes for finding them any other place or means.

Vending machine are a great resource. Food/drink/bullets. Even later game play will allow finding a bulk amount of bullets a good thing. Destroying the vending machines maybe an optional thing that seems legit. But as a counter balance for game purposes, the machines for balance and story would have a self destruct mechanism inside for theft prevention.

I thought of this system and naturally I like my own ideas. But even though it makes sense it means somebody has to code it. A few curmudgeons that dismiss my ideas cause they don’t like me. Even with a mountain of logic an reference material >_>

Anyone like this idea?

I mentioned this a few years ago. Haven’t seen it yet. Backward bows make for compact powerful items at short range when that mob closes in and you just can’t get away! Plus you could wear it!


I have a half-done personal mod that adds various weapons from other video games. One of the weapons in it is the slingshooter from monster hunter. (wrist mounted crossbow style slingshot) You still have to “wield it” to shoot it though…


Too bad it cannot be worn and shot. Is that even possible?

I wonder if Kevin could tell us.


Yeah, you could shoot it the same way cbm guns work.


So, we have low-grade methamphetamine, how about we get some high-grade meth added for our top tier chefs to cook up in their mobile meth labs.


Not sure if this how it works as of now, but hot food and drinks should slightly warm you up and cold drinks should slightly cool you down.


They don’t in real life though… the amount of heat in say a cup of coffee is negligible compared to your body.

Source: I have a Wilderness EMT cert.


It would generally make you feel a bit warmer/cooler for a bit though, which might be worth an additional morale buff.
“Drank cold drink while hot” +5
“Drank hot drink while cold” +5

(Dunno if those numbers are practical, I pulled them out of my ass.)


Guess I never really thought of it that way, from personal experience I’ve always felt like it made a difference. Sure, you won’t heat up your extremities from a hot cup of joe by itself, but it should theoretically help stabilize the core temperature of the body which in turn helps speed up the process of getting warm or cool once you’ve moved on to a more suitable climate. I would agree that being in freezing temperature and then consuming something hot while still being in freezing temperature would only serve as a boost to morale.


On the topic of temperature, I was thinking that sources of smoke like cigarettes and the exhaust from an engine should be modified. Right now the smoke is thick and visibly clouds up a wide area, this should be dependent on the current weather. If the weather is ice cold out, you would see a large cloud of smoke, when it’s hot you would see but one or two tiles of smoke. This change could give a different perspective of the ambient temperature without the use of a thermometer or weather reader CBM, or just simply to add a layer of immersion.


I laid out a more in depth analysis here:


Wait. You have it able to be worn but NOT allow it to shoot when it is feasible? 0_o


Emphasis on the HALF-DONE part.


Need way to kill insect, acid ants are taking over, faster than corpses and fungus. All other things have weakness, bugs do not, but insecticide is overlooked? Perhaps large sacks of carbaryl in workshop stores, craftable insecticide from limestone, and insecticide gas for chemical thrower.


Aren’t insects vulnerable to toxic gas? But then again outdoors makeshift gas canisters are not great.


Didn’t take that part as such. But I getcha now =D


Would be great to concoct a 40mm to burst like bloated zombies. Then kill the fungus and insect mobs.


It is not as effective as fungicide gas is for fungus, requires multiple spray from sprayer or detonation of gas bomb to kill only one ant. When there 700 ants on screen, need something powerful, but not nuclear, nuclear is too rare and dangerous for use on small ants.


It would be cool if mutation dreams actually led you somewhere, or started a mission. Like you had a premonition or something. Each mutation type would have a different set of “dream missions”.

For example, that Fault dream for Primes might start a mission to find a dimensional rift and close it, marking the nearest existing one on your map. Accomplishing the mission would give a morale boost or something.