Needful things part 2




Oh, well all you need is 10,000 sparklers. Yeah…Not worth it lol


Actually a lot less can be used if you cover them in duct tape, it creates an actual explosion instead of just a fire ball. I thought that one was going to be better but heres a good one.


Well, pretty cool. Not a fan of sparklers myself, but at least you can have some real fun with em.


While that was cool, the music was very much overly epic.


After having one set the carpet on fire when I was a kid, I’ve gotten a lot more cautious with them.

Fortunately there was a bucket of water nearby or the house might have burned down.


Since bandages no longer heal instantly and first aid kits just break down into more bandages I propose a surgical kit to act as a rare moderate needed skill use item that can heal things “instantly”.


The ability to put barbed wire on metal fence posts.

We can build metal posts, but only as part of the chainlink fence construction. Barbed wire can not go on it.

I suggest adding the ability to build metal posts so we can attach other fences to them. This could be a slightly stronger version of the other fences.

And to add a third tier to the chain link fence construction that adds barbed wire to the top. Making it dangerous to climb while still having the strength of a chainlink fence.


Two things

  1. I saw a sort of “floating” backpack that probably if implemented in game would be when powered they would have significantly lower encumbrance.
  2. Various homemade weapons have a second or third state that improves their abilities beyond what weapon attachment could do with the player’s crafting skill (like a nail rifle mk.II that is larger and heavier but more accurate, longer ranged and have more mod slots)


thing is, a surgical kit will just make more holes in you and cause pain, if anything it’d realistically reduce health on the part used on but increase healing rate, this game is aiming for realism :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not big into homemade weapons myself, but having modular crafted items that can have varying values for damage, clip size and weight (or armor, environmental protection and encumbrance) instead of preset variants sounds really neat.


Shotgun (or really any fixed magazine gun) side saddles, like bandoleers except they are attached to your gun (possibly slightly faster).


Mine detectors. Sometimes it would be more easier to clear the minefield than going around. Also there are mines in the survior houses afaik.


Reminds me of the time I died due to a booby trapped toilet…


Lethal Weapon anyone? When the black dude (Glover) can’t get up or his @$$ explodes lol

Do we still have RivTech StimPacks? The healing injectors? I think if we no longer havem. We either needem back or make a generic rare StimPack item. It is in many games. STALKER, Fallout to name a few.


The “List all items around the player” key already shows items and monsters around. I would like to see stairs too, because it is a headache to find the stairs when some other objects hide it like smoke, gas, aluminum can of dark cola, glass shards. Sometimes it is the question of life or death, other times it just annoying.


Safe mode notice and pause on radiation detected, excess heat, any other things that would give cause for pause.


Thing is, how would an ordinary human know there’s radiation somewhere? It doesn’t sear your skin off magically, it slowly builds up.

We’re not going to add any mechanics that don’t make much sense lol.

Excess heat that causes pain and damage, sure.


The key word being ‘detected’.

My current toon has the internal dosimeter CBM that alerts, but it isn’t very noticeable. A geiger counter can be set to constant scan and fitted with a large battery. Also not very noticeable. It is within the imagination to suppose a vehicle could have an always-on radiation alerting device.


I would love to tell my NPC to follow right next to me at night. Yet there is no option :(.