Needful things part 2



Or you mutate a positive or negative trait depending on your success in the dream.


No, not a mission occurring in a dream, I was thinking you dream that you need to go to a location and do something, then after you wake up, you go do it.


Oh, I see. Still, I think having some control over the outcome of your traits would be a great gameplay mechanic. When you dream the game essentially would teleport you to a structure/dungeon, you have to find something, kill something, craft and place something, whatever you think the ominous dream might want you to achieve. Failure to complete within the time limit, you wake you up without a new mutation. If you die or do something horribly wrong or against what the dream was really trying to get you to do, you gain a negative mutation. Should you kill the beast, solve to puzzle, convince the lost npc to follow you, whatever it might be, you get a positive mutation.


I just cannot help myself when looking at Nameless’s icon of a cthulhu critter. To assume he meant a HP Lovecraft thing. I would be more than tickled to have dream stuff if we could all storm of how to do this with a reasonable why :slight_smile:

I can imagine a scenario to dreams and delusions similar to:

Whereby the main character has his mind and thoughts being taken to a place in the past and the future and he goes insane because the mind of a human cannot handle the strain.

Perhaps also A Mind Forever Voyaging for some digital dreaming?

Lab computers for some simulation world fun?


Who says it needs to be a dream? We have portals cropping up all over the place, and they’re clearly full of eldritch horrors. I say the more weird shit we can work into the game the better.


I’m pretty sure nameless’ icon is a warhammer 40k tech priest.
Also, AMFV is awesome! :metal:


We need smartphones to randomly have useful apps on them that we can eventually use an SD card to merge them all onto one main phone. Some apps could be e-books, mp3 player, banking app, games, piano app, recipe collections, movies, sound emitter, CDDA android version, GPS with saved local areas for offline use, Hackpro - Control Phone, electrohack, ambient sounds to help fall asleep, health tracker - used as an alternative to self aware, NPC profiler that could keep track of an NPC’s skills traits bionics and disposition.

With this addition I think we could also upgrade the radio towers to access the internet and do interesting stuff from there, or at the very least allow us to communicate with NPCs from anywhere as long as you have their cell phone number, even if it’s just for a morale boost to chat with them.


Yep, it is. A happy tech priest.



Bionics should add to carried weight, there is no reason armour under my skin or batteries wouldn’t add to the weight my back has to deal with, among other things.


I concur with this idea. Next we need to poop to be 5lbs lighter :wink:


I think the Grappling hook should be usable for tree/long rope butchering.

Also it would be nice to have the pick up what is under you action “g” automatically drop what you pick up into what you are dragging. It’s rather annoying having to open up the action menu just to toss a bit of fire wood or a rock into my travois as I am walking along or waiting until I am over loaded to drop all of it in when normal human action would be to pick it up and then chunk it into your cart.


Needed: Searchable tag for items that hold fire, preferably one that shows on examined objects/terrain

There is no real reason for this info to not be displayed in some way.