MshockXotto+ tileset (new thread)

Ah, not so much! I’ve added some sprites (I think there are a lot of things still missing, tho, so I’ll try to update it until the official is back)

From left-to-right:
_Gallon Jug, Overhead Light, Mailbox, Hat Rack, Light Fur Mutation
_Skeletal Juggernaut, Feline Ears, Shades, Hooves
_Glasses, Female and Male

And re-referenced some things in tile_config.json (mostly the fences).
Added overlays for books when you’re holding them.
Also fixed the rails on railroads using some sprites and lines from SomeDeadGuy’s tileset!


Looks sweet, do the player sprites till include the visibile mutations?

Also no offense to your artistic skills, but I’m unsure of what the far left is.

Hahaha, it’s ok I’m also unsatisfied with those… It was suposed to be a gallon jug.
So, about the mutations, I was tweaking with them last night and didn’t finished it yet T_T but I used Xotto’s last version, so they do appear in game, although they ain’t compatible with mine. Gonna try updating it today. Updated the mutations, doing Skeletal Juggernaut.

Skeletal Juggernaut finished:


ok so it’s gallon jug, landmine, mailbox, and coat rack? I was just unsure what the first one was. Still better than what I could do. Looking forward to what you for the juggernaut.

Man that looks awesome!

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Looks great. I’ve combined Zaragata’s tileset with Whaley’s Weird World, Imaginary Friends, Toltetix Youkai mod, and KawaiiMaidMod tiles. Also included my kitten mod.


That skelly juggernaut looks neat

Any chance you could post this somewhere that doesn’t need an account to sign in?

My first thought.

Oh yeah that, it asks for permission to access the file

Sorry bout that. I’ve changed so anyone who can find the link can DL without gmail account.

\o/ Thank you! \o/

So, I didn’t fix almost anything this last update. Sorry!

What I’ve been doing: I’ve tweaked my files with GAWK (the parsing language/software) so I could update my tileset everytime Xotto updates without much hassle. So even if he add tons of content say, one hour from now, I could update mine accordingly in less than 5 min.

Normally I’d have to edit every sprite I want and edit the tileset_config.json file too, manually. With GAWK I just type this in the terminal:
gawk -f execute_this.gawk base_file.json > output_file.json
and insert the lines from output_file.json on tileset_config.json, copy my .png files to his folder and voilà!

Maybe I could automatize this more, but for now it’s okay to me.

Anyway, I’ll keep updating my variant of this tileset here and maybe put it on github if anyone wants to! Thanks and sorry to bother in this thread for this long!


Its good to see different versions and pick stuff i like. Also is it okay if you show stuff you changed?

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I’ll create a post in this forum to keep things contained there, then! Now that I’m checking some things out I’ve been seeing a lot of bugs on my tileset, sorry.

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Hey Zaragata, thanks for keeping this up-to-date. I’d been hoping that either Xotto would make an update, or someone else would start updating it.

Thanks for your amazing efforts so far… :wink:

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Is there an alternative link I could use to download this for Android? Google drive is telling me that the file type is unsupported :disappointed_relieved:

Really? On android here and it works fine.

I finally got it to work! Thanks

Hmm, something was changed in one of the recent experimental updates, and now the cosmetics mod no longer seems to be working. Not sure if anyone has an idea as to how to fix it…i