**FriscoShock24 Tileset** (An MShock24 fork)

Hi Everyone,

After playing Cataclsym: DDA for a while now, I’ve found the MShock24 and Chesthole tileset, while very competent on their own, don’t really have all the features I’d personally like to see. So, with a loud crack of my knuckles, I’ve decided to go knee-deep into modding MShock24 into everything I want it to be.

-Using the MShock24 Modded tileset (as of 12/19/2015) as a starting platform.
-Porting some sprites from other tilesets (with author recogntion, of course!)
-Bringing basic customizable player/NPC Outfits in the same way the Chesthole tileset does.
-Editing old sprites and adding brand new ones.

[b]1.0 RELEASE - I won’t release the first build to the public until I finish a few more things! But don’t worry, it will be soon!

I’ll update this thread as I continue to add more. Critiques, comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Progress - 12/21/2015:

Progress - 12/19/2015:



I have thought the grass could be greener too. It rains almost every day.

Progress - 12/21/2015: