MshockXotto+ tileset (new thread)

patch12: mutation overlay for cosmetics mod

changes - folded vehicle, fix misplaced mutations, stair indicator


32x48 humanoid idea will abandoned.
changing all overlay sprites and human-sized tiles take too heavy effort. and this changes make bad compatibility with other tileset.


Well thats depressing :frowning: those sprites looked really nice! But ill live with updated tilesets haha

Dammit i was creating new mutation overlays but just testing options, yours are incredible!

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Wow, I’ve just started using this tileset again, after being chased into a mansion by an invisible dinosaur while using Chezzo’s tileset. Glad to see they show up with this one. Also, it’s great that you are continuously updating it, seeing as there is so much being added to the game on a regular basis!

I do have a question, however: is it possible to change the colour of my female player-character’s hair? I just wanted to know if I could make it brown, instead of blond.

Can’t wait to see what you add to this in the future, Xotto.

Thanks :smiley:

couldn’t you just open up the sprite sheet and colour the character in as you want?

Check the debug menu and fiddle with the mutations, if you have the addons mod.

Manually editing the stuff is also possible but a bit of a pain since you’ll have to import the changes to every update, so the addons route is the most convenient.

Thank you both. I guessed there would be several ways, but I just wasn’t sure which would be the easiest.

By ‘addons’, I take it you mean the cosmetics mod?

Yup, the cosmetics mod.


Will have a look at it tomorrow… :wink:

Thank you for the very nice updates and pics! Your tileset is my all-time favourite. I have updated to your latest patch 12, but my characters are all bald… how do i choose the hairstyles you made?

Please, oh please God, somebody make the multiple-tile (32x48) humanoid idea a reality.
That one thing will make the hordes twice as realistic!

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Hi warchump,

you need the cosmetics mod that is linked to in this thread. Then, you have to use the debug menu to set a specific style and colour for your character’s hair… :slight_smile:

Thanks! I have subsequently posted the same question on reddit and got the answer. But thanks still!

Awesome! Thanks for hard work.

Hi! been using this tileset for some time, do you know why my wooden fences and chain link fences look like this now?

file an issue on github.
I experienced the same thing on Chesthole32 tileset maybe a month ago. It go fixed pretty quickly

Hi! Were the fence issue got fixed on latest exp build?

Im also waitinf for update on this! Thanks OP

So, this is not the official version, since I’ve altered some sprites to my liking, but I’ve fixed some missing tiles I’ve encountered so far.


I’ve shared it here!
(updated 5 times)


TYVM for this! Been waiting for an update here too. Gonna try this out ASAP!

Nice, well be trying it out asap. What other things did you tweak besides fences?