MshockXotto+ tileset (new thread)



I noticed that there was mention of the cosmetics mod in the very latest experimental update, where it listed something to do with the Fuji Mod being mainlined. However, I am still unable to change my character’s hairstyle, colour, etc. Also, the Slow Zombies mod seems to have stopped working altogether. Will make a post about that in the Garage section…


Would there be any way to have different colored car doors/trunks/etc? The red looks a bit odd when mixed with colors like tan or green like in the above pictures. Does everyone else think it looks fine? If it’s something that isn’t fixable, that’s fine. I was just wondering.


nuttreeA // nuttreeA harvested // nuttreeA(winter) // ripe chestnut // ripe walnut // ripe pecan // ripe beech

nuttreeB // nuttreeB harvested // nuttreeB(winter) // ripe hazelnut // almond(spring) // ripe almond // ripe pistachio

berrytree // berrytree(winter) // ripe mulberry // ripe elderberry

I stopped updating mxtileset. anyone can use this to updating tileset.


I think this tileset is mosty updated and active project now


This is so much better than i was making!

anyone can use this to updating tileset

Don’t mind if i do! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :love_you_gesture:

btw sad to see you go, you will be missed


Thanks for your work Xotto, it’s greatly appreciated!

I’ll give that tileset you linked a go… :wink:



Have just tried that new version of the tileset, and it’s great. The new, expanded cosmetics mod is also amazing, and I can now finally change the colour of my character’s eyes… :smiley:


I’ve been diving back into the cataclysm again after a 2 year hiatus, and like always I start filling in missing tiles, and like always I discover I should have checked the forums first. I’m really not sure what to do with these graphics now. This tileset is at its end, and SomeDeadGuy’s continuation is going in a different direction artistically. I think I’ll just post what I’ve done here like Xotto did, and let them live or die on their own.

Seen here is long grass, tall grass, lilypads, a lily, and a stump.

A sample of my subway tiles. Note: I made ends for the ties but the game interprets the ends as disconnected pieces so I used plain gravel to hide the ugliness.

Just a couple of pilots and their buddies.

thermos, smart_phone, smart_phone_flashlight, t_grass_long (unconnected, center, corner, edge, end, t ), atomic_coffeepot, mon_zombie_military_pilot, pot_canning, f_rack_coat, f_lilypad, t_grass_tall, f_lily, t_railroad_rubble, t_railroad_track (v, h, d), t_railroad_track_on_tie (2 tiles), t_railroad_tie (2 tiles + 2 end pieces that can’t be used at this point, specify rubble for unconnected ties.), t_railroad_track center piece, bottle_twoliter, f_mailbox, sheet_metal_small, t_stump, t_stump_season_winter, and paintballgun

I made these 2 years ago, but I don’t think I posted them. f_sandbag_wall, straw_fedora, prussian_blue, ampoule, wearable_rx12, rx12_injector, lasagne_raw, lasagne_cooked, lasagne, and luigilasagne.


Seems great aditions to the tileset… Any chance of getting the download link?


Those last 2 images were the shares for tileset maintainers. For players what I’ve got is far from usable. I need winter versions for the new grasses and a skeletal juggernaut (and a thousand other things I’m sure.)

Being a tileset maintainer does appeal to me, but this game overwhelms me. I don’t want to raise any hopes just to let them down. Supporting a dedicated person like MShock, Xotto, or Chesthole has worked before. Unfortunately, I prefer Waldo’s artwork and no one is maintaining a tileset in that style right now afaik.


Thank you, egomassive! I will use many of theese sprites in my tileset. Many of them look better than my variants.