MshockXotto+ tileset (new thread)

I noticed that there was mention of the cosmetics mod in the very latest experimental update, where it listed something to do with the Fuji Mod being mainlined. However, I am still unable to change my character’s hairstyle, colour, etc. Also, the Slow Zombies mod seems to have stopped working altogether. Will make a post about that in the Garage section…

Would there be any way to have different colored car doors/trunks/etc? The red looks a bit odd when mixed with colors like tan or green like in the above pictures. Does everyone else think it looks fine? If it’s something that isn’t fixable, that’s fine. I was just wondering.

nuttreeA // nuttreeA harvested // nuttreeA(winter) // ripe chestnut // ripe walnut // ripe pecan // ripe beech

nuttreeB // nuttreeB harvested // nuttreeB(winter) // ripe hazelnut // almond(spring) // ripe almond // ripe pistachio

berrytree // berrytree(winter) // ripe mulberry // ripe elderberry

I stopped updating mxtileset. anyone can use this to updating tileset.


I think this tileset is mosty updated and active project now

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This is so much better than i was making!

anyone can use this to updating tileset

Don’t mind if i do! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :love_you_gesture:

btw sad to see you go, you will be missed

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Thanks for your work Xotto, it’s greatly appreciated!

I’ll give that tileset you linked a go… :wink:


Have just tried that new version of the tileset, and it’s great. The new, expanded cosmetics mod is also amazing, and I can now finally change the colour of my character’s eyes… :smiley:

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I’ve been diving back into the cataclysm again after a 2 year hiatus, and like always I start filling in missing tiles, and like always I discover I should have checked the forums first. I’m really not sure what to do with these graphics now. This tileset is at its end, and SomeDeadGuy’s continuation is going in a different direction artistically. I think I’ll just post what I’ve done here like Xotto did, and let them live or die on their own.

Seen here is long grass, tall grass, lilypads, a lily, and a stump.

A sample of my subway tiles. Note: I made ends for the ties but the game interprets the ends as disconnected pieces so I used plain gravel to hide the ugliness.

Just a couple of pilots and their buddies.

thermos, smart_phone, smart_phone_flashlight, t_grass_long (unconnected, center, corner, edge, end, t ), atomic_coffeepot, mon_zombie_military_pilot, pot_canning, f_rack_coat, f_lilypad, t_grass_tall, f_lily, t_railroad_rubble, t_railroad_track (v, h, d), t_railroad_track_on_tie (2 tiles), t_railroad_tie (2 tiles + 2 end pieces that can’t be used at this point, specify rubble for unconnected ties.), t_railroad_track center piece, bottle_twoliter, f_mailbox, sheet_metal_small, t_stump, t_stump_season_winter, and paintballgun

I made these 2 years ago, but I don’t think I posted them. f_sandbag_wall, straw_fedora, prussian_blue, ampoule, wearable_rx12, rx12_injector, lasagne_raw, lasagne_cooked, lasagne, and luigilasagne.

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Seems great aditions to the tileset… Any chance of getting the download link?

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Those last 2 images were the shares for tileset maintainers. For players what I’ve got is far from usable. I need winter versions for the new grasses and a skeletal juggernaut (and a thousand other things I’m sure.)

Being a tileset maintainer does appeal to me, but this game overwhelms me. I don’t want to raise any hopes just to let them down. Supporting a dedicated person like MShock, Xotto, or Chesthole has worked before. Unfortunately, I prefer Waldo’s artwork and no one is maintaining a tileset in that style right now afaik.

Thank you, egomassive! I will use many of theese sprites in my tileset. Many of them look better than my variants.


Hmm, there’s something weird going on with the game now where, in darkness, everything has a reddish tint to it.

I had a look through the change notes, but didn’t spot anything that might have been altered to cause this change…

That is due to a recent update it is supposed to be fixed soon.


As long as it’s a known issue… :wink:

Thank you! I thought it had always been that way and I was going crazy. Or they had added blood moons…I’m seeing it with DeadPeople tileset as well. I kind of like it.

Yeah, it was kind of neat to begin with, when I was exploring the upper levels of a mansion, and the reddish tint on the walls made it look kind of picturesque, but then, when I went down to the basement, everything was red as well, and that just didn’t look good. :slight_smile:

It also seems to have messed the visibility of stuff up, because things seem to be see-through now, unless they are being directly lit…

Build 8142 does not have the issue.

This has been fixed in 8147. All is well.


Thanks to whoever compiled the fix…:wink:

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I’ve submitted a pull request for my updates to this tileset. Major additions are Xotto’s latest trees, taller grasses, landfill piles, and improved subways. Playing without any mods I rarely encounter missing graphics. If I didn’t screw anything up submitting it to the repository, it will be in coming experimental builds.