More Survival Tools + Modded MShock Tileset [Merged]

I’ve been derping about with a mod that, compared to other projects I’ve played with, is in a finished enough state to offer up a release.

And it’s become official. Yaaaay. And so was Series 2-16 of the updates.

And with both versions of the tileset synced up, Series 2-13 of it have been merged.

Additions and changes (outdated and incomplete):

New classes:

  1. Wanderer, 5 point cost.
    Skills: Survival 3, Fabrication 3, Tailoring 1, Marksmanship 3, Archery 2, Cooking 2.
    Starts with fur loincloth, fur cloak, leather backpack, fur boots, fur gloves, fur scarf, shortbow, 10 fletched wooden arrows, copper knife, stone pot, small waterskin, flint and steel, ember carrier.

  1. Prehistoric Hunter, 2 point cost.
    Skills: Survival 1, Fabrication 1, Cooking 1, Marksmanship 3, Throwing 2, Melee 3, Piercing 2, Dodging 1.
    Starts with fur loincloth, fur cloak, leather backpack, fur boots, stone spear, spear-thrower, 8 stone javelins, stone knife, hand axe, stone pot, small waterskin, fire drill.

Scenario tweaks:

  1. Wilderness scenario starts in the “deep forest” terrain available instead of the default regular forest. Seems to somewhat push spawn points farther away from civilization. Additionally, swamps become an option for starting location. Also allowed Nomad and Prehistoric Hunter as profession options.

Item changes:

  1. Javelins have been changed from weapons to ammunition, for the new spear-thrower weapon.
  2. Hexamine’s stack size has been bumped up to 50, to make the hexamine stove more viable.


  1. Pine lean-tos. These are simpler improvised shelters that require a nice, fluffy pine-tree instead of having to gather pine boughs yourself. Unlike an improvised shelter, this doesn’t also count as a bed.
  2. Tarp lean-tos, which is easier to make and can be deconstructed, but is little more than just a roof over your head (if I recall, main difference is losing the “windproof” flag).
  3. Wattle-and-daub walls. The weaker alternative to wood walls, with an easier survival requirement to build.
  4. Option of making a roof via thatching.
  5. Fire ring as an alternative to a fireplace, restricted to diggable areas in exchange for less material cost.
  6. Rain-catcher using a tarp as a funnel, and thus the first use of recent changes allowing terrain traps to do funnel fuinctions.

New items:

  1. Tinder. Made from various items, it’s used as fuel for a couple new items.
  2. Hobo stoves. Uses tinder, basically an alternative to the hotplate with lower capacity. Now needs to be lit before use.
  3. Flint and steel. Infinite uses, but still slow to start fires with.
  4. Ember carriers, the more useful reason for tinder. Light it via a fire and it’ll sustain a smoldering ember for a good while, for later fire-lighting.
  5. Metal water bottles, just because. Usable for boiling.
  6. Crude binding material made from pine resin and natural cordage. The primitive answer to duct tape, but not usable for toolboxes, mechanics, or any other secondary role duct tape is used for. Only used for fixing wood, bone, etc items.
  7. Throwing sticks. Rabbit sticks, boomerangs, whatever you wish to call them. Not the returning type of boomerang.
  8. The hand axe, a crude stone tool usable for cutting and butchering, plus bare-minimum woodwork and hammering.
  9. The spear-thrower, or atlatl. Used to get more range out of javelins.
  10. Stone and copper versions of javelins.
  11. Stone and copper spears as well!
  12. Copper knives and axes, of course.
  13. A silly hat.
  14. Clay pellets and lead bullets for slings.
  15. Fur leggings as the non-mutant equivalent to fetlock furs.
  16. Makeshift sunglasses, using the Inuit method of fashioning an iggaak.
  17. Bone fishing hook, as an alternative to a bent nail when crafting a basic fishing rod.
  18. Campfire hotdogs, because sometimes buns are too fancy.
  19. Esbit stove, uses hexamine for cooking.
  20. Folding water bottle, basically a flexible storage item.
  21. Mess tin, gives a few minor cooking-related qualities yet still not as ideal as a pot or frying pan.
  22. Copper pot, lined with tin to be usable.
  23. Makeshift pots from sheet metal or copper.
  24. Wooden canteen, to carry water Roman style.
  25. Makeshift metal alternatives to stone axes and shovels.
  26. Tarps, for waterproof coverage and for a few constructions.

Recipe additions and tweaks:

  1. Most of the above-mentioned items can be crafted.
  2. Option to use pine boughs for torches.
  3. Option to cure hides and pelts by drying them over a fire without salt. This is more time-consuming.
  4. Improvised recipe for bandages using crude binding materials and natural antiseptics (like garlic). This is more difficult than the proper way of making bandages.
  5. Added hemp to list of options for making plant fiber.
  6. Added option to sharpen a rock.
  7. Basic fishing rod can use bone hooks.
  8. Bearings changed to not use lead, due to addition of separate lead sling bullets.

Content and changes formerly a part of this mod, that has since been mainlined:

  1. Introduction of copper as its own material, and making copper items use it.
  2. Boxer briefs.
  3. Wool versions of cloak, loincloth, hand wraps, and foot wraps.
  4. Work gloves.
  5. Garlic.
  6. Ability to craft Italian seasoning.
  7. Change allowing more stone tools to use withered plants as natural cordage.
  8. Allowing leather pouch to use fur as an alternative.
  9. Recipe for making slings from cordage.
  10. Stone version of macuahuitl, replacing glass version instead of adding the original stone alternative.
  11. Boosts to sling damage, range, etc at the expense of accuracy.
  12. Curdling of milk and making hard cheese.
  13. Hooded hard hat.
  14. Makeshift hammer.

And finally, the inevitable bugs:

  1. When using other tilesets: The terrain additions will look odd as they likely will use a fallback tile without assigning a non-transparent background. This is fine if the object without a tile is an item or such, because it shows the terrain underneath. But when the object being displayed IS the terrain, any transparent space left displays delicious brain-melting hall-of-mirrors errors.

Let me know what seems OP, what other bugs have been missed, suggestions, etc.

Additionally, thanks to Kevin and others that discussed things in an earlier thread where I asked about modding pertaining to this, and thanks to Litppunk and others for suggesting I actually put this mod up.

Why a Dropbox link hidden in a forum thread instead of PRing it on Github so that it’s included in the game’s /mods/ folder by default?

Why a Dropbox link hidden in a forum thread instead of PRing it on Github so that it’s included in the game’s /mods/ folder by default?[/quote]

I’d hoped someone would provide a link to a better place to put it, thank you.

Have seen a couple other mod releases doing the same.

The Bumpening, it begins. Oh well. =w=

Loving this mate thanks :slight_smile:

we can never ever have to many items in CDDA its what makes this a great game :slight_smile: all the options we have open to use etc :slight_smile:

Yay. owo

Will presumably be happy to think up more item ideas if they suit the mod. Before releasing the mod I’d also had Roman legionary armor, Greek hoplilt gear, chainmail, Norse nasal helmet, a scimitar for a Mongolian horse archer, shields etc.

Since the experimentals added chainmail at about the same time that may or may not be better than the way I’d had it, and since the medieval stuff seems out of place, I kinda removed it for now.

Awesome stuff, Random Dragon. I’ve been really enjoying these on my recent survivalist play through.

Had hoped they’d be useful, though I am regretting not having checked to see what professions the Wilderness scenario can start with in the experimentals, as that was reason #1 for the new PR. ;w;

EDIT: Craaaap, KA101’s fixes to lean-to addition causes errors in saves that don’t use the mod.

Okay, seriously, how do I download the mod? I have no earthly idea. This is why I prefer dropbox, Mediafire, anything other than github.

Well right now, the second series of updates is only available on Github, but the first series is already official available on the latest pre-compiled experimental builds.

The main site:

On the sidebar to the right, it has download links for the experimental builds, both in Windows and Linux plus Graphical and Text-only.

And I agree that compiling from Github can be a massive annoyance, I still need to find the added libraries my compiler needs to allow compiling with tiles available. >w<

But if I wanted the second series, how would I go about downloading that?

Download link would be on this page:

I do kinda wish that the PR page had a readily-available link to the relevant branch page.

As for compiling it, the wiki has a painfully incomplete guide concerning that. ;A;

Additional bumpening due to deciding enough changes have been added to Series 2 to request merging. =w=

How about some buildable furniture/tools? I know that beef jerky should take a LOT longer to make than it currently does.

Making things work like the charcoal kilns can’t be done via json alone, but there should be plenty of uses for the “crafting_pseudo_item” tag.

Perhaps, but I might muck about with that in a later PR. For now, well…this update is a couple days short of taking as long to get merged as the original PR was. D:

Don’t know if this would be the right place to say this, but there is a bug in one of the recent experimental builds with this tileset causing jumping spiders to use the same image as decaying zombies.

Besides that fairly minor, but troublesome, bug, its all awesome though.

Just realized I wasn’t actually using this tileset, please disregard that.
Love the survival tools, amazing stuff.

Huh, that’s odd. Since I was the one behind More Survival Tools and the modded MShock 24 tileset, this would be one place to mention it, or in the bug reports section.

Hmm. A tileset update will of course be slower than just a mod update. Might make a PR for each separately, and add more spite work for the tileset. >.o

EDIT: Oh. Doh. owo

The Derpening begins again.

Great work on this mod! Love just hanging out in the woods. I usually start with a character and drop everything and see if I can last starting from scratch.
One thing that would be awesome is the ability to make water catchers like putting a tarp (made from leather?) in a pit, or placing large plastic bags on trees for water sources :).

Interesting idea, but you can already improvise a leather funnel and deploy it for that purpose. Transpiration bags might be interesting, but could be difficult.

Also, I am planning to PR an update to the tileset later on.