More profession traits?

I have two ideas so far for more profession traits and would like to hear feed back from them and if you all had any other ones.

This applies all military professions, (soldier, bionic soldier,bionic sniper,etc.) and what I propose it would do is the following.
-Have access to some places were you would need a military id, not all (clearance levels), but some. There could be a chance of failure (not enough clearance, system fails to recognize you in the database or something else) resulting in hostile defense.
-Better npc interactions, Npcs are bound to trust and be more intimidated by soldier. The old guard would also have you in good regard.
-Possible soldier faction with its own HQ.

This applies to the lab technicians and such.
-The same as above with not needing science id cards for some places and same consequences for failure.
-Some Npcs would not like you blaming you for all of this while other recognize your usefulness and want you around.

Any other ideas?

Replace “doesn’t need id” with “spawns with an id”, which you can just add right now.
As for npc interactions, nps aren’t going to tell a soldier or scientist from a hole in the ground, they aren’t tatooed or anything.

Fair points, I still believe the military should have profession advantages as a trait. Connections with the old guard perhaps or their own faction seem plausible.

Profession traits sound like tags. Wouldnt it be more organic to add more standard traits and give them to professions? And items as needed. Like dont swat get a swat badge?

The primary advantage a soldier should have is in training, conditioning, and equipment, reputation is way too nebulous and situational to hand out flat bonuses to it at character creation time. I could certainly see a soldier spawning with credentials of some kind and various factions being influenced by that, but a trait doesn’t make sense.